Shocking Health Tips on Skincare to Vajayjays!

Shocking Health Trends with Mizzfit

Boy, have I got some great info to share with ya! These health topics are HOT and in no way normal, which is why I like 'em and can't wait to hear your thoughts. So be sure to comment on what you like, dislike or just can't imagine doing (in the comments section at the end).

Before I start, full disclosure... I've tried and tested the skincare tips ONLY. The rest, I'm very open to but have not yet tried only because the treatments were not made available to me. For the record, I did ask. But since all these topics are trending, I feel it's my duty to spread the word. As a human guinea pig (which I commonly call myself), I'm pretty much game to try anything. So you never know what I'll stick into my feet or up my vajayjay tomorrow! That was meant to be a joke...kind of. Hope you laughed.

Watch the video above (click the image) or keep reading for more detailed info than I was able to provide in 4-minutes on the Great Day St. Louis show. I promise you it's worth the read!!!

Shocking Skincare Tips! So, we all want great skin, right? I know I do. I abhor blemishes and zits (especially the cystic kind) so I'm constantly testing remedies to keep my skin looking healthy. Problem is that many of the so called "best" products are expensive and not everyone can afford them. Screw that! Here are some of my favorite insider skincare remedies that will cost you less than $15!

For clearer skin and to fight breakouts:  Use Chlorophyll drops in your water that you can carry around with you in your purse. I use Chlorofresh by Nature’s Way (on Amazon). Another brand is Chloroxygen (at Whole Foods). They're both priced below $15. These drops are mint flavored and give your water a slight taste (that you won’t hate), but it will turn your water a deep green. Chlorophyll works as a purifier. It prevents growth of bacteria and it’s an anti-inflammatory. Using chlorophyll drops will help you eliminate the toxic buildup that can cause acne and blemishes.

For skin hydration:  A 10-minute DIY face mask made from honey and whole milk. Just combine 2 tablespoons of honey with 2 tablespoons of whole milk and zap it in the microwave for a bit to get it warm. Then apply to your face. Honey is a natural humectant and helps revive your skin with moisture and will even plump it up! The milk acts as a gentle exfoliant and is also very soothing on sensitive skin. Your total cost will come to around $7 (Bottle of honey, $5; whole milk carton, $2).

For exfoliation: Use coffee grounds to homemake your very own natural exfoliator. Mix coffee grounds into a paste with olive oil or yogurt. The grounds will remove dry, dead skin cells from your face without irritation. It’s anti-bacterial and obviously caffeinated, right? This is a great combo for a morning scrub that will perk up your skin. The best skincare experts in the world say to exfoliate 1-2/wk so this is a nice inexpensive way to keep up the regimen. Your total cost will be under $10 and I recommend using greek yogurt!

Shocking News for Heel Lovers! We love our high heels but heels don’t always return the love. Instead, our favorite heels deliver mucho PAIN! While the list of heel brands that are the worst "foot injury offenders" come as no surprise (Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, Gucci), what IS surprising is how women are dealing with the pain.

Heel addicts and foot pain sufferers are swearing by Stem Cell Therapy to help heal their injuries. Stem cells are harvested from fat, injected at the site of pain, and enhance the body's own repair process. In some cases you might need multiple injections for maximum results and in others, 1 shot could totally provide the pain relieft and recovery you need. This is pretty amazing and the doctor who's pioneering this form of treatment is Dr. Nikravesh, a reknown podiatrist in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. You can find him through as well as more information HERE (interview with Dr. Nik) about Stem Cell Therapy for feet.

In the meantime though, if your heels cause you pain within 6-minutes of wear, you should probably reconsider because the consequences of injurious heels aren't pretty. You could get...

  • Plantar faciitis
  • Ankle sprains
  • Bunions
  • Hammertoe
  • Neuroma arthritis
  • Swelling of the nerves in all toes from compression and inflammation


Shocking News for Your Vajayjay! Sex & Athleticism go hand-in-hand these days. I mean, there's even a new dual-purpose lubricant called Überlube designed to make both sex and fitness "smooth" sailing and chafe-free! Not only is it high performing, but it's also long-lasting so get ready for some marathon sex...or, just a marathon.

So why are sex and fitness partnering up in the health & wellness space? Because the more fit you are, the more likely you are to have and enjoy great sex. And just like we have to get movin’ and lift weights at the gym, we also have to exercise down there. Brand new to the marketplace is an “interactive” device called kGoal.

kGoal is device that helps you do your kegel exercises, which work the women’s pelvic floor muscles (in the vajayjay). Strong pelvic floor muscles are crucial for managing pregnancy, bladder control, and musculoskeletal stability, as well as enhancing pleasure during sex. Kegels have even been shown to alleviate back pain. Most women shy away from doing these exercises because there isn’t an elegant way to do them (aside from raunchy sexy toys) until now!

kGoal is a squeezable and adjustable device that communicates with an app on your iphone to motivate and guide you. It enables women to track their performance and progress – and it makes the mundane exercise fun through guidance and even games you can play. To learn more about it, watch the video below.

And those, my dears, are my shocking health trends. Which ones are you digging or have something to say about? Let me here your thoughts in the comments section below and as always, thanks for reading. I really love sharing this kind of news with you, vajayjays and all!

xoxo, Bianca Jade/Mizzfit


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