I Spent 3 Days on a Ranch and Came Back Flexitarian!

Bianca Jade and a friend sitting on Villa Del Vino Ranch looking out at vineyards.

What a story this is! Trust me, I never imagined I would fly across the country and come back so changed. I fly to LA a lot these days, mostly for TV appearances or influencer related events, so when I decided to partner with Pure Farmland and join their influencer retreat, I had somewhat of an idea in my head about how it would go. Part of the retreat experience included going to Food Expo West, which was supposed to happen in Anaheim. But literally 24 hours before I landed in California, it was cancelled due to the outbreak of coronavirus (a.k.a. COVID-19) in the US.

HelloFresh + Bianca Jade

HelloFresh is how I learned to efficiently and deliciously cook. I never took an interest in making my own meals until I was 30. And once I became interested, the hassle of grocery shopping quickly became a burden, reigniting my laziness to order delivery or takeout. It's crazy to think you can be so gung-ho about fitness but then not take the best care of yourself when it comes to food prep. But I'll admit, that was ME...until I started to see my laziness take its toll on my body. The body I was working so hard to sculpt in the gym, sheesh! When you dine out frequently or constantly resort to delivery and takeout, you have no idea what's going into your food. Most likely, it's going to add up to lots of sodium, butter and unnecessary sugars and oils. As they say, ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN. I'm not a nutritionist or health coach but a lot of my friends are (with best selling books to boot!). So let's just say I've learned a thing or two from them, starting with how...


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