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SodaStream Recipes You Need To Try!

If you don't have a SodaStream in your life, you need to get one! I'm obsessed with mine but I have to admit that I got on the train a little late in life. I wish I had purchased one much sooner! So, I put together these recipes with the help of SodaStream to inspire everyone to reject the vending machine and all those delicious looking sugary drinks that get advertised to us all summer long. I know they look good on billboards and in commercials but so many carbonated drinks and sodas are loaded with sugar and sodium.

I kid you not that my SodaStream has become a healthy replacement tool. You can make your own fizzy drinks without the huge calorie intake. If you already have a SodaStream, you know what I'm talking about (just skip ahead to the recipes below). Drinks loaded with sodium (that seem to be lower in calories or have zero) will most often make you feel bloated and sluggish. Not good if you're trying to lose weight! The opposite will happen! Your body will hold onto...

What you need for a healthy, "appy" life

I recently appeared on CT Style to talk about my favorite health apps. I didn't get to mention all of them, so here's a list of what I love and use often. You might be surprised that they're not all fitness apps. The truth is I use very few workout apps because I like to get offline to sweat. But lately, I've gotten pretty techy with regard to my wellness. These apps help me feel and look my best "in a jiffy" without having to run all over town. So, here's what I'm using... 1. Rise App - I won't go into this one too much because you can hear me sing its praises in the video above. But really all you have to do is take pics of your food at every meal, snack hour, and quickly check boxes for how long you worked out (or didn’t) and how much water you drank, etc. You never have to go anywhere to weigh in, get lectured or fill out lengthy forms. Everything happens through the app and you get daily feedback from your nutritionist. Here's a special Mizzfit promo code for 2 weeks...

Work Your Booty Like A TV Host

Yes! The couch potato booty blast is definitely something you need in your life! That's why I drove 2 hours to New Haven, Connecticut o show Ryan Kristafer, the host of the CT Style Morning Show, how to do it. Let's just say he tried...which I'll give him plenty of credit for. The Couch Potato Booty Blast is what I'd call "vintage Mizzfit" and I love that it's having a resurgence. I'm always happy to get couch potatos moving and the truth is you can work out from ANYWHERE. But even if you're sooo glued to your couch that you really must work out there, please at the very last make sure to Style Up 2 Shape Up. Let's use Ryan getup as an example! He's wearing Haute Athletics gear, a website that carries sportswear which can double as streetwear. His shorts are from StrongBody and his tough skull hoodie is from Ruckus. If you're a guy looking for great fitness fashion, I recommend StrongBody performance tees and bottoms because of their mesh ventilation panels and pockets...


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