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My Favorite Health Apps!

I recently appeared on CT Style to talk about my favorite health apps. I didn't get to mention all of them, so here's a list of what I love and use often. You might be surprised that they're not all fitness apps. The truth is I use very few workout apps because I like to get offline to sweat. But lately, I've gotten pretty techy with regard to my wellness. These apps help me feel and look my best "in a jiffy" without having to run all over town. So, here's what I'm using...

1. Rise App - I won't go into this one too much because you can hear me sing its praises in the video above. But really all you have to do is take pics of your food at every meal, snack hour, and quickly check boxes for how long you worked out (or didn’t) and how much water you drank, etc. You never have to go anywhere to weigh in, get lectured or fill out lengthy forms. Everything happens through the app and you get daily feedback from your nutritionist. Here's a special Mizzfit promo code for 2 weeks free: MIZZFIT2WEEKS

2. Calm.com App - This is a meditation app for people who need to RELAX. Spend a few minutes with it. I like that you can choose the meditations by length of time: 2min, 5min, 10min, 15min, and 20min. I highly recommend it for restless and tight-in-the-shoulders folks. And yes, I'm talking about myself here.

3. Pager App - Quite simply, make the doctors come to you. I got my flu shot while sitting on my bed. I hate needles so this was rather calming for me...and the doctor was super nice. She didn't feel so rushed like they usually are at the doctor's office. You can enter your health insurance and get a quote for the doctor visit before commiting. It works like Uber. This app started in NY and is in the process of expanding to cities across the country.

4. Zeel App - With this app the massage therapist comes to you. Everything is taken care of through the app, even tipping. This app is available in cities throughout the US. Make sure to be very specific about what you want and specify if you want them to bring a massage table or not.

5. GlamSquad - Beauty apps have been quite the rage because women love their blowouts and getting their nails done. Makeup application can be a real lifesaver, too, when you have a big event to go to. I love Glam Squad because the beauty pros come to you, which cuts your travel time to and between salons. This app is quickly growing in terms of its city offerings (MIA, LV, NY, LA), and there are always similar apps that are more locally based in smaller cities.

6. Shyp App - The post office can you drive you crazy between the long lines and how slow the people are that work there! The way Shyp app works is that you enter your information, take a picture of what you’re looking to ship (maybe it’s Christmas presents) and they come to you to pick it up, package it for you and mail it at a reasonable price saving you time and money purchasing tape/peanuts/boxes/etc. All you have to do is hand it over and it’s out of your hair. It's so easy it's mind blowing.

7. Microsoft Health App - This app links up with the NEW Microsoft Band 2 that I’m OBSESSED WITH to chart out and give you more insight into your health and daily activity. And it’s not just a pedometer as many health trackers are. This calculates how many calories you burned in a workout, how long you actually slept during the night, it tracks your runs, bike rides and routes, as well as your racing splits. It even keeps track of your golf game! It also integrates your favorite apps like Starbucks and LoseIt. Gotta keep those free capuccinos coming!

Strangely, I like that I can read my text messages on it. Helps to distance me from my phone a bit. Other than that, I just think it looks cool. The Band 2 is avail for purchase on Amazon, at Microsoft stores, Best Buy & Target for $249 and the app is free to download for everyone.

What are some of your favorite wellness apps or pieces of technology? Do share below!


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