female empowerment

My Nominations for International Women’s Day 2020

Well…in all fairness, ALL WOMEN are nominated and celebrated annually on March 8th which is International Women’s Day. BUT, every year I call out the women who are currently inspiring me, blowing my mind in real time and motivating me to be better. Thank you to adidas for sponsoring this feature on Mizzfit.com and being a leader in the movement to empower girls and women across the globe. These are the women that ignite the unstoppable feminine power inside of me.

More NBGNO Events in USA!

I love when good things never die! I'm happy to report that Girls' Night Out events (#NBGNO) will continue to pop up across the country and eventually circle back to New York City in September. The next one is in Santa Monica on Wednesday, August 27th at 6.30pm at the NB Store on 2600 Wilshire Boulevard. Hosting the Girls' Night Out campaign for New Balance was one of the highlights of my summer. I got to work out and connect with so many amazing women who believe in the benefits of social fitness. What I loved most is that these women weren't competitive, mean, selfish or jealous. They were a bonded, smiling-laughing group. It was so refreshing to experience. I have to be candid and say that last night I went to an unrelated fitness event I was invited to in New York City, and there were several fitness bloggers in attendance who were very unfriendly (wouldn't say hello or shake hands) and no one socialized. When I attempted to introduce myself to strike up a...


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