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Recap of My Life, 2014 Year End

So this is a recap on the last 2 months of my life. I figured why not turn the lens around and show you what's going on in my life. I enjoy narrating through pictures so here goes... 1. I launched an incredible Mizzfit sock line with Pointe Studio because I love barre fitness like a crackhead. The response has been amazing and no one has thrown their sweaty socks at me yet. They're grippy on the bottom so if you don't do barre, you can also just wear them at home instead of scratching up your nice wood floors with heels. They make great stocking stuffers too. 2. I spoke at iHeart Radio's Lifestyle Health & Wellness Expo in Brooklyn, NY. I'll be at the next one in Harlem, too, on January 29th of 2015. I was honored to speak alongside someone I quite admire: Miss Jenna Wolfe (health & fitness correspondent of the Today Show). I convinced her to meet with me and give me career advice so I will keep you filled in on how that goes. My advice to you...

Work Out With Me At Exceed NYC FREE!

I've teamed up with Exceed Physical Culture to offer a FREE WORKOUT at their newest studio in Tribeca, NYC. The reason I'm doing this is because after doing 2 workouts at Exceed earlier this year, I was like "this is so hard, I can't come back by myself...I need my fit crew!" So I'm calling all of you out of the woodwork to come help me sweat before Christmas and the New Year. I miss my New Balance Girls' Night Out events so much and it's hard not to see all of your amazing faces and physiques every month. So this is a way for us to get together yet again in NYC and to experience one of my new favorite high intensity interval training studios in a quaint part of Manhattan. There will be gift bags, water and towels for you so just bring your game face and stylish activewear. I'm also proposing we grab a bite to eat afterwards (if you have time) somewhere in the neighborhood that's fast/healthy. I will have that info for you closer to the day of the event. This is a...

REJECTED by Under Armour

It's hard for me to write this as I'm pretty bear with me here. I have something I want to get out and I'm going to try my best to use the right words here. About a month ago I was contacted by Popsugar and Under Armour to be a part of the I WILL WHAT I WANT campaign. It's a very empowering campaign about overcoming obstacles to achieve what you want in life no matter what other people have to say. I was honored to receive the invitation to say the least, esp after watching Under Armour's Misty Copeland commercial. Under Armour's request was to make a short video sharing my story to show how I will what I want. And so I did. You can watch it below. Once I sent in the video, I did not hear from them for weeks. Popsugar kept making excuses for Under Armour but it was clear my story wasn't good enough for them. Perhaps it was because I mentioned the D-word (depression) or because I didn't wear their clothes in a sexy way. Perhaps it was because I was a little TOO...

Want to see what's going on behind the scenes at Mizzfit?

Want to see what's going on behind the scenes at Mizzfit? Well, then come follow me on Instagram and double tap away! My handle is @Mizzfit_Bianca Instagram has become a window into my life. I will always share my fit journey with you here, but you can get a constant update on what I'm doing day to day by looking at my pics on Insta. That's how I keep tabs on you too! If you want me to see one of your 'grams, be sure to tag me with my handle @Mizzfit_Bianca or use hashtag #mizzfit. I love checking out your fitness & fashion pics. Especially the outfits you wear to Style Up 2 Shape Up! See you on Instagram!


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