Naked And Not Afraid

I could spend an eternity wanting more…never satisfied with what I’ve got. Or, I could be happy with the skin on my back and the beautiful things I have in my life at this very moment. I could be happy with my dreams, whether or not they manifest. I could be happy with everything that makes me, Me, even if other people criticize. I could be proud of where I stand and how I choose to live…without the things I’ve been brainwashed to think should happen…or the things I’ve been told are a part of every successful woman’s life. I’ve always wanted more. Who doesn’t? But I’ve hit a point on this journey, despite my insatiable career ambition, where I feel OK with what is. Stripped down to nothing, I’m proud of my spider veins, perma tan lines and the stretch marks on my ass.  It’s a huge relief to bare it unload my insecurities, my fears and personal failures. I’m not trying to be a model or get a ton of likes on Instagram, I’m just...


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