vitamin B12

Gummy Vitamins for Grown Ups

Do you take vitamins regularly? It used to be one of my health goals that lacked real passion. The sight of plastic-y looking vitamin capsules and beige colored tablets just didn’t do it for me. Neither did swallowing them! So, when gummy vitamins became a thing, I was psyched. I don’t hesitate on taking my vitamins anymore. I’m actually excited to pop ‘em in my mouth because they taste amazing! Sundown Naturals® make a wide assortment of gummy vitamins that you can get from Walmart for a great price. I’m currently taking Sundown Naturals® B12 and Fish Oil Omega-3 EPA/DHA gummies in the morning, and their Melatonin gummies at night. While I don’t limit myself to just these vitamins, I’m taking these at the moment because it’s what my body really needs. As a TV Host and health & wellness blogger, I’m always on-the-go, shifting from project to project. A lot of people might think that bloggers sit around all day blogging on their computers, but...


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