Gummy Vitamins for Grown Ups

Gummy Vitamins for Grown-ups

Do you take vitamins regularly? It used to be one of my health goals that lacked real passion. The sight of plastic-y looking vitamin capsules and beige colored tablets just didn’t do it for me. Neither did swallowing them! So, when gummy vitamins became a thing, I was psyched. I don’t hesitate on taking my vitamins anymore. I’m actually excited to pop ‘em in my mouth because they taste amazing!

Sundown Naturals® make a wide assortment of gummy vitamins that you can get from Walmart for a great price. I’m currently taking Sundown Naturals® B12 and Fish Oil Omega-3 EPA/DHA gummies in the morning, and their Melatonin gummies at night. While I don’t limit myself to just these vitamins, I’m taking these at the moment because it’s what my body really needs.

As a TV Host and health & wellness blogger, I’m always on-the-go, shifting from project to project. A lot of people might think that bloggers sit around all day blogging on their computers, but that’s not the case. We do a lot of other things too! In my case, I report on fitness trends, so I’m constantly checking out new workouts, going to fitness fashion press previews and meeting with wellness brands that are launching innovative products. It’s a lot…and I get tired. Sundown Naturals® B12 Gummies have been a lifesaver with energy metabolism support that helps convert food into energy.

I love my hectic schedule and crave my sweaty workouts, but I need to prep my body to be an endurance machine. The B12 gummies taste like candy. I immediately forget I’m taking vitamins and even store them in my GoStak containers from my last Quarterly Box (which goes straight into my work tote), to make sure I take them every day. The best part is that I’m opting for something nutritional but getting the gratification of sweetness.

It really brings out the kid in you! Unlike typical fish oil capsules, Sundown Naturals® Fish Oil Gummies are shaped like little fish and come in fruit flavors without the fishy/salty aftertaste you might be used to.

For me, Fish Oil is one of the most important vitamins because it supports your heart, bone and skin health. It’s loaded with vitamin D, which is great for supporting your bones and teeth. I work out every day, I need all the physical support I can get. I take fish oil to help my body with circulation and to support my joints.

Falling asleep when I want to go to bed has sometimes been a problem for me. I’ve been a night owl for most of my life, unfortunately. But as I get older, I can’t do it anymore. I also can’t maintain a rigorous exercise schedule if I’m always tired. Melatonin was recommended to me and I was shocked how well it worked on me. So now I take Sundown Naturals® Melatonin Gummies. I even travel with them so I can get some sleep when I get jet lagged. 

If there’s a misconception that gummy vitamins are just for kids, well, it’s time for to rethink that. Yes, there are more calories in gummy vitamins BUT it’s the small price you pay for actually wanting to take your vitamins. You could be eating something much worse with a much higher calorie count, the way I see it. I also love that Sundown Naturals® gummies are free of gluten, dairy and artificial flavors◊.

As you get older, you start to value your health so much more. I’m 37, and everything that I put into my body matters because I want to ride out my time as long as possible. So as I enter this chapter of my life, into my late 30’s (sigh), I’m doing things a lot different than I used to.

  • I eat fresh foods and cook at home 80% of the time.
  • I drink tons of water every day to stay hydrated.
  • I’ve given up most desserts for fresh fruit (except on special occasions) to limit my sugar intake because too much sugar can lead to premature aging of the skin.
  • I exercise 5-7 times a week.
  • I think before I freak. Drama doesn’t bode well with me and I feel healthier when there’s none of it in my life.
  • 7 hours of sleep or bust! They say one of the best workouts is sleep because that’s when your body repairs itself. When you don’t sleep enough, your body produces cortisone levels that create fat around your midsection. No thanks!


Have you tried gummy vitamins? Take THIS QUIZ to find out which vitamins are best for you and your lifestyle.

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