And The Best Fitness of 2011 Awards Go To...


There are no rules or forms to fill out. I make up my own award categories based on what I think will enhance your fitness lifestyle. For me, 2011 was all about being your fitness guinea pig because if you don't already know this (which you should), is all about YOU! There were so many great trends this year, but only a few took home a MizzFIT trophy. Let's get on with the awards ceremony.



The Best Gym Bag is...

The Pleated Pocket Gym Bag in Black Sparkle by Ogorgeous - $154.00

It's the most luxurious gym bag I've ever owned because there's a pocket and secure comparment for everything imaginable (yes, even the hottie-at-the-gym's phone number). There's also a drawstring bag for stashing your stinky workout clothes, towels or sneaks. It's so badass I've been using it as a purse. If you're into an edgy black leather look, this bag exudes it. Plus, it won't clash with anyting you wear and it's perfectly sized to fit a change of clothes and all the essentials. Built to last and make an impression, this Ogorgeous gym bag is totally worth the premium price. No other gym bag comes close.

ogorgeous gym bag


The Best Post Workout Drink is...

Odwalla's Smoothie Refresher (; avail at local food stores)

They rock because the flavors are way better than any other variety I've tasted: Mango Lime Twist, Mixed Berry Shuffle and Pear Berry Jive. The bottles are smaller than what's typical of juice drinks (12oz) so you're not overdoing it on the sugar intake. They're only 150 calories and they're super refreshing. They also pair well with a bottle of water--which I always recommend no matter what you're drinking. If you don't love these, there's something seriously wrong with you. Even REI stores agree because they now carry a refrigerated stock of them (pic on left).

odwalla juices


The Best Lightweight Shoe for Toting Around/Traveling With is...

Under Armour's Micro G Strut Running Shoe - $86.99

I have a special place in my heart for velcro. Not sure why but in the case of these shoes, I love that it's used for a customized fit. Beyond the velcro, these shoes are thin, light and easy to slide on and off. You can take them anywhere and they won't weigh your bag down. Most of you know that I hate socks and yes, the Micro G's cater to my sockless feet beautifully. Their cool minimalist construction and style make all feet look sleek (not just mine). They come in black/blue and black/pink. Please retire your white shoes for winter and consider these. They'll even make your feet look smaller (for all the T-Rex's out there like my mom).

under armour run shoe



The Best Way to Show Off Your Hard Work Without Saying a Damn Thing is...

A Race Medal Hanger from Allied Medal Displays - $40 and up

Don't be ALL TALK...display your athletic accomplishments with VISUAL PRIDE. It's the new way to brag! Below are a few examples of numerous medal displays available on the Allied Medal Display website. There's even one that cleverly reads "I crossed the line." These medal displays keep your medals from getting buried in a box, piled in attic and carted off to Goodwill. How else are you going to tangibly prove to your children one day that you were a badass athlete and competitor? Hang the proof and make them memorize your split times.

medal displays


The Best Express Workout DVD from a Series is...

Personal Training With Jackie: Xtreme Timesaver Training - $7.50

Jackie Warner has a way with words and tough workouts. I love her series of Personal Training with Jackie DVDs because she gives you a great workout in a condensed amount of time. You move quickly between exercises and she shows you how to step up your game or modify, all while timing your reps and making sure you sweat. The series has really impressed me and I never grow tired of the workouts. One of my favorites is the one you see below because it's a multi-joint movement workout. You work different muscles groups at once for a greater calorie burn and toning effect in a short period of time. Now that's an award winning concept!

jackie warner workout dvd


The Best & Most Motivating Bi-Coastal Fitness Instructor is...

Mr. Keoni Hudoba  (He's not sexy though, nah, not at all.)

In 2003, Keoni weighed in at 327 pounds. You'd never guess by the picture of him below and that's what makes him so inspiring. Keoni's story isn't just a tale of FAT to PHAT, it's about his mission to help others shed extra pounds/skin/baggage...whatever they want to let go of to be a better version of themselves. Even Kim Kardashian is a fan and has been to Keoni's Barry's Bootcamp classes where he teaches in both NYC and LA. His classes are tough and he doesn't just command the room, he commands YOU to push harder. It's his whole aura that lures you into submission and his Hot Factor has a lot to do with it. Just don't make him too uncomfortable with your constant staring. Keep an eye out for Drenched--it's Keoni's signature class at Equinox NYC gyms. Go to get sweaty and sigh as he does too.

Keoni Hudoba

So that's a wrap on 2011's valiant winners. Welcome them into your 2012 fitness regimen. They're tride and true and that's what matter even if they're last year's highlights.

Help Me Out!

Share your own award winners in the comments section below. I'm anxious to hear what categories are most important to you and who you think deserves the gold for it. Don't leave me hanging on this one!



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