Are These Beauty Treatments on Instagram and Tiktok Worth It?

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Let's review the treatments featured in my latest appearance on We Are Austin. The four treatments currently trending on social media platforms Instagram and Tiktok are:

  1. Spark Clear Aligners - a treatment of clear, stain resistant aligners to improve the alignment and bite of one's teeth.
  2. Semi-permanent Lip Tinting - a treatment to restore color, volume and definition to one's lips.
  3. Slugging Skincare - a skincare hack using petroleum jelly products to help one's skin retain moisture and suppleness.
  4. Evolve Trim Tite Tone - a radio-frequency and vibration stimulation treatment that assists in skin tightening and body sculpting.


My answer is yes! I’ve tried most of these treatments without any regrets. In fact, some of them are ongoing treatments for me as I prepare for my wedding. For instance, I've been in Spark Aligners treatment since last year and I'm nearing the end soon! Yay! Can't wait! Once I finish my treatment I'm actually going to get a few veneers. But I couldn't have gotten the veneers first without getting my clear aligners and fixing some core issues that were going on with my teeth. I highly recommend Spark Aligners because they're so comfortable and nearly invisible. I wear them even when I work out (which is a big deal!). A lot of people feel that are aligners are a big commitment (and to be honest, I was worried about this myself) but your teeth are with you for life and they're a first impression you make on people. I definitely notice when someone has a nice set of chompers. In fact, I'm drawn to them! Teeth are sexy AF! Once I got used to having aligners attached, I realized that they're super flexible with you lifestyle and no big deal. Last weekend, I ran a NYRR race wearing them. I tend to grind my teeth when I run, and having them in, loosened the tension within my mouth and reminded me to focus where the real work is happening--my legs!!! If you want more info on Spark Aligners, I've created a lot of informative content about the process and my journey so check out my instagram page, watch this video and find a Spark provider near you HERE!

The one treatment I haven't tried YET is semi-permanent lip tinting but I've seen peoples' results and gotta say, I really want to try it! Our lips can get dull and lose their shape / definition, especially as we age. So this is a treatment I find really helpful for combatting this issue. Also, why not try this instead of lip injections??? Right? We're in a time where inflated lips aren't in style like they used to be. Juicy lips are still sexy but balloon'd lips are not...and I think you can definitely tell the difference between the 2 styles. I also like the fact that results can last up to 1 year. But listen up! Every treatment mentioned here requires that you are cautious and consult a doctor or licensed practitioner first. Especially lip tinting because it's an intra-dermal procedure--and you want to make sure you're in good hands! Promise me that you’ll do this because what’s right for one person might not be right for another.

Slugging is probably the biggest of all four of these trends! It's popularly attempted because of its slimy appearance and I think Gen-Z just likes making a mess of things, haha! No offense to Gen-Z but they make the mistake of slugging TOO MUCH. The right way to slug is not excessively. You could give your face a massive breakout by slathering it too much with petroleum jelly products. How it works is you use a product like Vaseline or Aquaphor to apply a top layer of skin barrier protection on your face before you to to sleep. So you want to make sure you've cleansed, applied your basic topicals like a moisturizing toner, vitamin c, retinoids, zit creams or whatever you normally do for your skin....AND THEN you take your slugging products and swipe a dab of it in the areas where you need moisture. I like to slug under my eyes, on the outer areas of my eyes where I have crow's feet, and around my nose and mouth because these are all areas where I'm most dry and I'm vulnerable to fine lines. 

By applying a thick balm or petroleum jelly product to your skin, you can lock in moisture and restore your skin at night. Why at night? In the evening when we're sleeping is actually when we lose the MOST moisture from our skin. Experts do warn that you should be careful using active ingredients under slugging skincare because sometimes the result could be negative, and this is where I recommend asking your dermatologist or skincare professional what's best for you. I really love this treatment for anti-aging and maintaining hydrated skin in my 40's but I go very easy on my skin. You will not find me looking like a greased hog in my jammies. 

The last treatment I discuss in my TV appearance is non-invasive Body Sculpting. I absolutely LOVE IT! First and foremost, I got to The Collagen Bar, which is a skincare establishment in NYC in the Gramercy neighborhood of Manhattan. Full disclosure, it's owned by my good friend Diana Seo but we actually became friends when I started seeing her as a client.

Diana has all the latest and greatest technologies at The Collagen Bar for skin tightening and Evolve Trim Tite Tone is one of my favorites! There's no pain involved, it's non-surgical and you can go in without requiring any down time afterwards. However, you will need to get various treatments to maintain your results. The way Evolve Trim Tite Tone works is that it's an intense vibration combined with heat that eliminates fatty cells while tightening the skin. There is radiofrequency energy at work which is proven to help boost collagen production. 

I made a video about the 2 treatments I regularly receive at The Collagen Bar: Evolve Trim Tite Tone and Forma Facial (both using radiofrequency energy). WATCH IT BELOW!

And yes, people can talk all they want about the beauty procedures I try! FYI, they're NOT plastic surgery! These are highly effective non-invasive treatments. It's the equivalent of going to the gym and working on yourself. But even if I was getting plastic surgery, who cares!!! It's your body and you gotta do what's right for you. Ultimately you determine your body artistry and do what makes you feel confident. I've been more than candid about the breast augmentation I got 9 years ago! It changed my life and helped me foster a better relationship with my body. And I'll probably have to go in for an "update" in the near future as they recommend you replace them every 10 years. There's no shame in it for me. In fact, it's exciting and something to look forward to!

Well, that's what I've got for you today! Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on these trending beauty treatments below. Love ya!




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