Color Your Fitness & Beauty Routine Tangerine


The color TANGERINE is 'in" for Spring but will you rock it?

Shades of orange initially seem challenging because they're bright and sort of Halloween-y. But just go with it without going in too deep. Allow yourself to experiment with a bright tangerine colored sneaker like the one pictured above from Nike.

Paint those manicured toes a nice shade of "A Roll in the Hague". Now don't be scared, it's actually a flesh-tone color which means it will compliment light to dark skin. I'm rocking it right now on both hands and feet and couldn't be happier with how it looks (and I'm really picky when it comes to nail color).

And for all of you who don a bit of make-up for your workout dates (with yourself, duh), Nars has some really nice tangerine-y colors that go on smooth (meaning no clown effect). Just a bit of color lightly brushed over cheeks and lips will give you a healthy vibrant look. The same colors will work for your more formal outings too. Just build up the intensity with more application.

I've tried all these products out and I'm already wearing them as I pretend it's Spring-time outside. I've listed them below for ya. Just keep in mind that they look less tangerine-y on their respective product pages. The photo you see above is more color-accurate.

So tell me, how will you incorporate TANGERINE into your routine?

Let me know in the comments section below and please share your product favorites as well.



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