Fashion You Can Actually Wear During A Pandemic

Ears pierced and adorned with stud earrings and ear cuffs.

I barely shop for clothes anymore unless they're in my closet. Living in the fashion mecca that is NYC, I’ve seen a shift towards a different kind of self-expression: ear design, nail art and tattoos! I admit, I’ve fallen hard for all 3 have a look at my favorites.


When I was younger, I had 1 ear full of piercings and the other just had 1. But they became severely infected and eventually I removed all the higher piercings. I had fun during the past year reclaiming my piercings at Studs NYC. Watch my video below. Studs NYC offers quick, safe and professional piercings in a posh environment where you can shop for all kinds of earrings, studs and cuffs that match your price point. This is a new means of self-expression that you CAN wear sweat pants with. For a discount on piercing or jewelry use this promo code at any STUDS NYC store: BIANCAJ15.

Have fun exploring all the different parts of your ear that you can safely pierce!


I collaged a few ears and stud combos I really love to inspire you. A good place to find them is Pinterest.




In all transparency, I fell for this trend about 2 years ago but didn't get really creative until the pandemic hit. I no longer had to maintain "classic" or subtle nails for TV appearances and on-camera jobs since all that work diminished. I dove deep into funky, crazy, immaculately painted nails! Here are my current nails which I got down at Art Nails NYC --> My tortoise shell heart nails.

What I'm seeing is a trend towards high-end nail design, which you can find at a boutique salon like Art Nails NYC. They offer hard gel nails, which I really enjoy. Previously I was doing Powder Nails but I find that boutique salons who take painting seriously prefer hard gel because removal is easier and the nails are easier to shape and make longer.

Prepare to drop anywhere between $125 to over $200 on a manicure like this. My tortoise shell nails had me in the salon chair for over 3 hours (and my butt was beginning to hurt)! The redeeming qualities of doing up your nails this way is that it's like an outfit--a conversation starter and an expression of your personality and style. I find that having long and creatively painted nails like these helps me maintain the health of my hands. It's also brought me into the ever-growing community of nail enthusiasts online! So much that I created a thriving Pinterest Board called NAIL ART of all my favorite manicure designs. Please follow my board and me here or by clicking the image below. Thanks!

Nail Art Pinterest Board




Interest in tattoos has skyrotted over the current pandemic year. People have more time to mainfest their perfect design, work with artists to design it, and have more time to sit in the tattoo shop to actually get it done. Tattoos are personal, and with street style dwindling and fluctuating over the winter months, tattoo lovers find themselves more drawn to ink than retail therapy. I get it! Even I, a tattoo virgin, have been considering one. Check out a few of my favorite tattoo designs and styles. I'll let you know if I pull the trigger anytime soon!



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