Fighting Breast Cancer with Komen, Cake Boss and Bethenny

You couldn't ask for a girlier, PINK-er event! New Balance brought together Komen Org and Girls' Night Out to celebrate 25 years of support for breast cancer awareness and fund raising for the cure. I could tell you that I hosted the event, that it was fun with an incredible turnout, and leave it at that. But I'd be neglecting the story that deeply connects me to the breast cancer cause.

My great grandmother died of breast cancer and my great aunt was blessed to survive it. Since the disease runs in my family on the maternal side, I'm at risk of getting it and have endured all the tests to mitigate concerns. I know all about mammograms and MRI's, and how it feels as you wait to get your results. I take my health seriously but I think experiencing the loss of 2 close friends to cancer really hit home.

I know I'm not alone when I say I hate the C-word and that I'm not the only person who's lost someone, but some people are luckily unaffected by it while others get hit hard. It's just not fair that cancer doesn't care. Cancer just takes.

But people care...and that's why this event with New Balance called Lace Up 365 was so meaningful to me. The celebration brought together our beautiful NGBNO clan with Komen's New York City executives and members of the press.

Our special guest was none other than the incredibly successful Bethenny Frankel. I had to write down all of her accomplishments on notecards before introducing her because this woman has done so much! You might know her from the Real Housewives of New York reality show (which she's actually returning to), but her other career achievements are way more impressive. She's a best selling author, natural foods chef, magazine columnist, former talk show host, Skinny Girl brand creator and a full-time business woman.

We loved having her speak to our NBGNO women, Komen affiliates, and the New Balance team about her take on staying healthy and fighting breast cancer. The press, of course, couldn't get enough of her! Bethenny has a great sense of humor and was cracking me up as you can see from these pictures.

Back to what I was saying about how "people care", I believe events like this one help build us up and accept cancer as an ongoing battle. We've got to be strong and determined to do everything we can to find a cure. For those of us that aren't doctors that means providing support, financing and relief efforts. Komen's mission is A WORLD WITHOUT BREAST CANCER. It's only far-fetched if we give in. And we care too much to do that!

Even as the pink October movement becomes ingrained in our calendar and culture, we can't let it become just another "holiday" that comes and goes. It has to be a year-long thing...something we're always fighting for and giving to. That's why New Balance names their commitment to Komen Lace Up 365, and why their sportswear collection Lace Up For The Cure is available for purchase year round. Not many brands do that outside the month of October. Kudos to NB! I heart them for being the real deal.

Speaking of real, check out this Cake Boss cake by Buddy Valastro! When I first laid eyes on it, I couldn't believe it was edible because it was an exact replica of the Lace Up For The Cure running shoe.

But I did have a bite just to verify that it was indeed real cake. Gotta say, a cake that inspires you to run afterwards isn't such a bad thing.

We had a fancy gadget called an Instagraffer at the party which printed out everyone's pics that were hashtagged with #NBGNO and #LACEUP365.

Every pic was posted on a board so that we could document the whole night from the fun run to our BRILLIANT guest Dr. Brastiano's talk about her extensive cancer research.

We even turned our step 'n repeat into an honor wall, asking everyone at the event to dedicate the night's run to someone who has inspired them or who is bravely fighting cancer.

The messages and dedications our NBGNO women wrote were beautiful.

As much as I love cake, this was truly my favorite part of the night.

So as you can see, it was definitely a girly shindig that inspired everyone to keep their PINK mindset and support strong. Also going strong is my giveaway for the 3190 Lace Up For The Cure running shoes. I'm picking a winner on October 24th.


Once you click the link above, scroll down towards the end of the post to see the entry instructions...they're super easy!

I love giveaways and 1 winner is never enough in my opinion. So I'm also doing a 'lil contest on this post too.

Leave a comment below telling me what a world without breast cancer means to you and you could win the Lace Up For The Cure health journal and set of #LaceUp365 pink laces that you see above. I'm picking a winner on October 30th. Good luck!


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