Fit Gifts She'll Seriously Love and 2 Giveaways!

Christmas is only a week away. Got your gifts? I do!  When it comes to gifting my fitness soul sistas, the only way to shop is fashionably fit & healthy. All my gifts are Mizzfit tested because who wants to wrap a dud? I never blindly promote products. I enjoy testing and then sharing my experience with you! So if you're looking for the perfect present for the health or fitness nut in your life, look no further (and maybe select express shipping!).

  1. Stocking Stuffer Workout Socks from MySoxyFeet. In my last Mizzfit post, I talked about how fitness socks are trending and will become even bigger in 2014. If you're looking for a cute stocking stuffer, MySoxyFeet's 2 winter holiday styles ($12) are a sure bet. Any fitness girl will love them and the cheer they bring to her workout routine. Aside from being anklets, they've got cushioned soles and they're intentionally made to look mismatched. Buy a pair to gift (use checkout code MIZZFIT to get 10% off) and enter my GIVEAWAY to win a pair for yourself. Just tell me in the comments section how you stay fit during the holidays and what your greatest hurdle is during this time.
  2. Delicious Protein Powder To Match A High Maintenance Diet. Rainbow Light Protein Energizers blew me away when I first tried them. I'm a tough critic when it comes to supplements because taste is really important to me. And that's something Rainbow Light makes a priority in its Acai Berry Blast and Chocolate flavored protein powders. While the taste was shockingly great, the fact that they're gluten-free, dairy free and made with no added sugar is really what won me over. Rainbow Light is a company focused on offering vegan and allergy-friendly supplements that are gentle on the stomach, which is becoming increasingly more important as more women these days are subscribing to cleaner diets. After going gluten-free, I noticed I was less tolerant of lactose to the point of feeling sick when ingested. This is pretty common with a diet change and it's amazing that a company like Rainbow Light caters to women who are experiencing food sensitivity. You can find the large 9.2oz bags ($21.99) of the Protein Energizer (which will last a while) at Whole Foods Markets and Vitamin Shoppes. To upgrade this gift, pair it with a Magic Bullet or Oster Blender (both under $60) and your fitness fanatic will be in health shake heaven. GIVEAWAY: Win a bag of the Acai Berry Blast or Chocolate Protein Energizer by telling me in the comments section how you stay fit during the holidays and what your greatest hurdle is during this time.
  3. A Healthy "Hands On" Combo Gift of Vitamelts NEW Hair-Skin-Nails ($8.99) paired with a lush manicure or maybe just a high-end polish from Chanel ($27). I like this gift option because it's creative, purse-sized and will be put to immediate use. Vitamelts are my favorite supplements to take because they're sweet and dissolve quickly. Hair-Skin-Nails contains Biotin and Vitamin C, and helps support collagen production and strong nails. Every woman loves/needs a manicure and a new polish color. I tire so quickly of my polishes except for Quartz from Chanel. I also recommend Taboo, the color you see above.  I'm just gonna say it--ANYTHING from Chanel is a treat!
  4. A Vest With A Built-In Heater featuring 4 temperature settings and a slim fit. I've been wearing my Mobile Warming Gear Softshell Vest literally every day since the weather took a turn for ice cold in NYC. I initially only wore it for my outdoor runs but after realizing how well it worked, I started wearing it daily under my winter coat. This might seem like a dorky gift at first, but let me assure you it isn't. The lithium ion battery that does all the work to send heat throughout the vest is completely unobtrusive and small. All it takes is a little charge-up and then you just plug it into a cord that's inside a pocket where the battery also hides. I've got the windproof vest in blue ($160) but I quite like the Jackii style ($170) which is waterproof and also made for winter motorcycle riding. I promise you, you'll get more points for this gift from a fitness lover than an ugly Christmas sweater (even though those are trending too).
  5. Slimming & Stylish Thermal Layers From Cross. When I first tried on Cross Apparel, I was surprised to find out it was originally a Golf because many of their outdoor pieces are cross functional for sport. Especially running (which is kinda my thing)! I love the Brass Vest ($125), Pro Loft Jacket ($239), and Body Armour long sleeve top ($65). The colors are phenomenal in black and pink and offer fantastic wind protection and warmth. I wore my Body Armour top to run the NYC Marathon this past November because of it's amazing fit and insulation. The Pro Loft puffer jacket is NOT super puffy--it's just right--made soft and slim enough to wear underneath your winter coat. The shiny silver zipper (also available on the Brass Vest) gives it major flare that sets it apart from more conservative styles you'd find at stores like Patagonia or Northface. These pieces make excellent gifts because they're made for serious fitness enthusiasts who have outgrown Lululemon and prefer timeless athletic pieces that are flattering.
So that's my list! Finito.

Hope it helps you throughout this last week of holiday shopping. I'll be steering clear of the chaos but if you're heading into it, my advice is to wear sneakers, stay hydrated and don't let angry shoppers bring you down. Make sure to buy cards for your gifts and write something meaningful inside. There are people still out there (like me!) who enjoy an emotion-FULL card. On XMAS day, what matters most isn't the gift, it's love. But you know that.

Don't forget to enter my giveaways for a pair of MySoxyFeet and the Rainhow Light Protein Energizer. I'm picking 3 winners on January 1st (US residents only) to get you psyched for sculpting a strong 2014 body. Just leave a comment below telling me how you stay fit during the holidays and what your greatest hurdle is during this time.



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