Glitter and Shimmer Responsibly: Makeup Tips for Sparkle

What a year 2018 was! I brought it to a close by sharing my best makeup and beauty tips on various morning shows throughout the Midwest. Glitter, shimmer and glow looks are trending but how can you execute them in a way that doesn't make you look like a hot mess? Trust me, I've been there. Back in my teens (and probably early 20's) I used to swim in glitter, leaving trails of it behind me, especially on anyone's face I happened to kiss. We're going for something better now though: the elegant way to glitter, shimmer and glow!

So, I suited up in this sharp LAHIVE outfit to visit the set of Better Kansas City at KCTV to talk about glittery looks and application techniques. Thankfully, I had Miss Belinda Post as my host! I've done beauty segments with men before, which makes for funny moments but it's not as fulfilling as sharing your favorite makeup products with a gal pal.


- Keep reading for product info, visuals and detailed application tips. -

When it comes to glittery eyes, Lady Gaga is good celeb inspo because her eyes are super saturated and often the focal point of her look. It actually doesn't take much makeup to achieve this.

I use Aether Beauty's Crystal Grid Gemstone Eyeshadow Palette ($58) as it comes with vibrant shimmery colors that I apply with a WET BRUSH. This will be your base color, and I suggest giving it 2 or 3 brushes on your lids. The wet brush shouldn't be soaking but rather moist. This palette is one of my favorites because it's all natural makeup and 100% recyclable. The colors (I kid you not) are made with diamond, sapphire, amethyst and topaz dust!!!

Once you have your shimmer lids going. It's time to play with Born To Sparkle by Sheree Cosmetics ($24), a self-adhesive glitter palette that speaks for itself! I mean, it's so fun. All you do is use your finger to warm up the glue within the glitter color (rub it) and then tap the glitter onto your lids. Focus most of into the center of your eyes and then let it fade out at the corners.

For the inner corners of your eyes and/or to line your eyes with even more glitter, I recommend using these Pixi Beauty Liquid Fairy Lights Eye Shadow wands ($15). My favorite colors are the white/silver and gold wands. For a more barely there glitter eye, try the pinkier and nude tones.

For a glitter pout, let's follow Bella Hadid's lead. She's been rocking glitter lips for a while now and what I love about how she does it, is that she keeps the rest of her makeup pretty tame. Here's what you'll need to do...

Invest in this lip gloss by Fenty! It's called Gloss Bomb Lip Luminizer ($18) and it may be all you need. But to heighten your glitter factor, let's add a 2nd layer to this gloss.

Pull out the Born To Sparkle palette and simply choose your poison of a glitter color and tap away on your lips. You can do 1 color all over or 2 shades of 1 hue, perhaps a darker shade for the corners and a pop of something lighter in the middle. Fiiiirrrrreeee!

For more of a metallic lip, grab your Aether Beauty Crystal Gemstone palette and tap a matching shade of the shimmery eye shadow on top of the Fenty lip color with your finger or brush. You'll get the effect that you see above with the metallic red lips. The first layer of gloss helps keep that 2nd layer of color in place, much like a glue. You could also dip a lip brush in a loose shimmery powder. Just make sure to give it a little shake before you apply. With a brush, there's always a risk of fallout.

Who doesn't love Margot Robbie and her perfect complexion, right? It's shiny, looks lit up and has a sparkle to it. This is simple, my friends! Grab this Pixi Beauty product from their site or at Target: Pixi Glow Mist ($15). When you've finished your makeup, give your face 1-2 spritzes of this setting spray that has a sparkly finish. It locks your makeup into place so it's not melting, smudging or running down your face.

I'm always saving Queen JLo for last. She's everyone's favorite and a great inspiration for glowing, shimmery skin. We know her for that all over body glow that she pulls off with style & class. Here's how to get it with a body oil that is all natural and made from coconut oil. Moisturize your entire body with Kopari's Coconut Body Glow ($42) which has pearlescent minerals inside of it that give your skin a gorgeous gold shimmery radiance. I don't even know if that makes sense but it's the only way I know how to describe the result.

I've been using this product for years! I cover my entire body in it whether I'm getting ready for an on-camera job, going on a date or attending a fancy function. It can also be a nice alternative to a spray tan because it smells delicious and doesn't stain your clothes.

The picture of me to the right of JLo was taken several years ago when I had the pleasure of meeting Kopari's founder in person. She's actually 1 of the founders. It's a family business and the whole product range is fantastic but this Body Glow is my favorite thing they carry!

I hope you enjoyed my tips! Let me know if you have any questions. I always love hearing from you!

XO, Bianca Jade




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