GoRoll: Gym Bag Overachiever

-- This is a guest post by Laura Diniwilk --

Hello, everyone!  My name is Laura and I am a first time Mizzfit guest contributor as well as a fitness enthusiast and beauty/lifestyle blogger.  Bianca gave me the opportunity to review GoRoll because I mentioned I was looking for a carryall to go from work to the yoga studio.

The KarmaRu by GoRoll ($89) meets my needs and then some.  I am a sucker for multitasking products, and this product serves as a gym bag, yoga mat sling, purse, locker, masseuse, and stretching partner.  I have never seen a similar product with so many unique features before!

The KarmaRu is large enough to hold everything I need for a post-work yoga session.  I roll up my yoga clothes, brush, hair tie, and water bottle in the bottom of the tube and stick my mat on top.  At first I was confused about this design because I didn’t want to lose the lid or have to carry my mat separately, but the smart folks at GoRoll already thought of that – the lid locks into the bottom of the unit. 

As long as I don’t wear overly fabulous shoes to work on yoga day, I haven’t had any problems fitting my work clothes, phone, and car keys in the tube while in class. The lid has a 3 digit combination lock on top, which is perfect because my studio selected stylish cubbies over more practical lockers with security.  Since my friendly neighborhood yogis aren’t the most threatening bunch, I have actually found this locking capability to be most useful at the park. 

I am also a runner, and often get my workout in running in circles around the play area so I can keep a close eye on my girls.  I love having a better place to stick my key than in my sports bra, and as a mother I am much happier now that I don’t have to imagine anyone messing with our water bottles while I run.  I just stick all three drinks, some snacks and my keys in my KarmaRu, lock it, and stick it under a bench, stress-free.

After my run, I get to experience my favorite part of the GoRoll…the foam roller!  My calf muscles tend to tighten up, and the GoRoll’s padded exterior is perfect for releasing some of that tension.  It’s like having a deep tissue massage after every workout!  After my muscles are nice and loose, I give them one last stretch using the GoRoll’s handle, which conveniently detaches to transform into a 6 foot stretch strap.  

Sometimes products that are trying to do too many things at once end up being kind of gimmicky, but the KarmaRu GoRoll feels stylish, well-constructed, and functional.  While it may never have occurred to me that I needed a lockable bag that would also help me stretch and massage my legs after I work out, now that I have one, I can never go back – it’s such a nice treat after a hard workout.  This is a truly innovative product that is perfect for anyone who is constantly on the go. To give it "a roll", CLICK HERE.


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