Hey Runners! KLINGG Holds Your "Buds" Tight.

I pretty much detest all magnets especially the fridge poetry variety but KLINGG has won me over. It's a sportswear grip magnet made for gym-goers, runners, cyclers and skaters to secure earbuds from fallout and earphone wires from becoming a nuisance.

I needed a KLINGG badly as I have a favorite pair of earbuds that fit perfectly in my ears but have wires that are rather long, tangle up and then smack me in the neck during my runs. It drives me insane but my new KLINGG ($19.95) is now taking care of the problem.

No joke, it's a strong magnet and stays put through high-impact fitness. If you take your buds out, just stick them to the sides of the KLINGG. They magnetize too! The KLINGG's hold on your earphone wires makes for a seamless fit look and smooth workout without interruption to your playlist. It comes in great colors for both men and women and I can't endorse this little genius device enough! I'm training with it for my 2013 marathon!



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