How To Assemble a Swim Gym Bag Whether You're Going to the Beach Or About to Set Sail



Anything Can Inspire You...Even A Gray Day

A few days ago, I joined Glam Media and a bunch of fashion bloggers on a yacht called the Atlantica for a Summer Sail on the Hudson River. Outside it was overcast, gray and dreary. These pictures look great but they're Instagram'd for your viewing pleasure.

Even Lady Liberty seemed to be in a state of gloom. And trust me, Instagram is doing her more than justice.

BUT...inside the Atlantica it was a summer soiree! My fashionista cohorts were decked in bright, summer-y outfits and accessories. Even the Atlantica's luncheon room was sunlit, floral and cheery. You'd never guess what kind of day it was outside from the picture below!

And yes, those are gift bags full of beauty and skincare products hanging from our chairs! Kind of amazing. I used some of the products from the Glam gift bag to build the "swim gym bag" you're seconds away from reading all about. But first, this is where I blow Glam a big thank you kiss for the bag full of goodies. Sometimes it's good to be a blogger!


I was totally inspired by the Summer Sail event. So inspired that I coined the term "swim gym bag" while I was there. It's the bag you pack for a summer day trip that includes fitness near or on the water. I'm going to teach you how to assemble a "swim gym bag" of your own. But first, let's take a peek inside mine!


My 8 Tips For Assembling Your Very Own Swim Gym Bag

It's just like Styling Up 2 Shape Up, which you should know a lot about if you're a regular here at Let's get the obvious out of the way: you've got to know where you're going and what kind of activities you'll be doing. A day on the beach (which might include a light jog on packed sand) requires different "tools & accessories" than a day of wakeboarding on a recreational lake. But that's where you'll have to do your own homework. Here are the basics to build your Swim Gym Bag:

  1. Start with a stylish and sturdy, medium-sized bag that won't get ruined if it gets wet. Even better if it has matching and removable waterproof sundry bags. I like the Tribal Tote from Sonia Kashuk and all the cosmetic bags that match it. A medium sized bag will fit what you need and won't make you look like a bad lady.
  2. If you're not wearing it already, pack a confidence-boosting swimsuit that's built to move in. I love a cute tankini that has coverage, support on top and won't fall off when I take a nose-dive into the water off my wake board (yes, they are lots of other ways to lose your bottoms but let's focus on getting you in a suit that will stay glued to your tush!). I like this Bettona denim-inspired tankini from Athleta.
  3. I learned a long time ago that flip flops aren't enough on their own for a fit day trip. Always pack a functional shoe or sandal with plenty of grip and support for whatever activity you have lined up. I take my VivoBarefoot Ultras Shoes everywhere with me because they come in handy whether I'm sailing, swimming or running along the beach. They even have a removable sock liner so that you can wear them in the water.
  4. Sun feels good but always beware! Don't let sunburn or sun damage happen to your skin. Pack sunscreen with a high SPF, and I don't mean a wimpy SPF10. You can always spray tan before of after your trip (like me!). I'm loving Hawaiian Tropic's new line of protective sunblock lotions called Silk Hydration. It's moisturizing, light and smells like tropical paradise. But most importantly, it provides safe and effective broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection that won’t break down in the sun. Promise me you'll buy it in SPF50 (but if you must, it's also available in SPF12 and SPF30). Also, make sure to throw an extra tank or tee in your new swim gym bag. Notice the MizzFIT tank in mine, and how it matches my tankini? You can easily do the same. Even my Hawaiian Tropic Aloha Kiss Lip Gloss has SPF20 in it! It's a no-brainer.

  5. Water can be scarce on a fit day trip and it's usually the first bottled beverage to run out especially if you're with a large group. That's why you should ALWAYS pack your own water supply that you can keep cold, filtered and safe from accidental spillage. I'm a huge fan of CamelBak Water Bottles and the Groove is your best bet.
  6. A good read is critical for down time on your day trip. Get inspired with a book that motivates your fit trip by choosing a book that relates to leading a healthy, active and empowered life. I'm currently reading Amanda Beard's memoir In The Water They Can't See You Cry.
  7. Yay, accessories! Just because you're going on a sporty day trip doesn't mean you can't wear some flair. Just make sure it's waterproof or that you won't mind splashing around in it. Leave your precious jewelry back at home! I can't pack a swim gym bag without my RumbaTime watch, a few beaded bracelets from Ettika that I can mix and layer, and a pair of Ray-ban metal-framed aviator sunglasses in a fun, unexpected color like purple!
  8. Last but never least, don't ever leave home for a fit day trip without deodorant or future outting invitations will be revoked! I'm keen on Dove's Clinical Protection ClearTone deodorant because it's gentle on your underarms, especially right after shaving. It also reduces dark marks that other deodorants create.Try it!


Ahoy, New York City! Farewell, Charming Atlantica!

Moments before disembarking from the Atlantica, ice cream cookie sandwiches were presented for dessert. In fact, you could design your own. I passed on the delicious looking treat (I'm a health-nut, remember?) but made sure to photograph a friend's before it was devoured. I couldn't have asked for a better sailing day on the Hudson!


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