How To Treat Pregnancy Pain

Prenatal Fitness and Pain Relief for Pregnant Women

I've never been pregnant but these ladies are! Meet my 2 friends: Kristin McGee and Nadia Murdock. They're both fitness experts, like me! But they've got a leg up (or maybe a belly up?) on me when it comes to the baby game as they're both very close to their due dates.

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In my interview with Kristin and Nadia, I ask how they're able to maintain their fitness routines. Honestly, it seems hard to me (even as a fitness fanatic). I imagine myself wanting to veg out in front of the TV all day. The idea of carrying around all that weight in your tummy seems like a workout in and of itself. Kristin and Nadia go on to share that there's lots of sensitivity affecting your growing belly and other parts of your body, too.

Kristin and Nadia use Topricin pain relief creams. It's came as no surprise to me as Topricin is a health industry favorite for its all-natural, non-irritating products. I was interested to find out where their pain came from and why using natural products was a must for them. The video tells their story so make sure to watch it! Here are some additional tips provided by Kristin and Nadia that aren't in the video:

How to soothe pregnancy pain when you just can't take it anymore!

1. "Try gentle supportive yoga poses to help with your back and joints." -- Kristin

2. "In my third trimester, the stability ball has become my best friend.  The lower the baby gets the more pressure I feel and it can get really uncomfortable whether I am sitting or laying down. I find that sitting on the ball and rocking side to side or front and back is soothing not to mention great for my posture at the same time. I usually do this during some down time in the evening while watching my favorite show." -- Nadia

3.  "Warm baths with Epsom salts." -- Kristin   Try Natural Calm Bath with Lavendar!

4. "Aromatherapy goes a long way during pregnancy. The heat waves over the summer were pretty brutal, with the combination of carrying a baby I always felt overheated. I read a book (The Mindful Mom-to-Be) that offered holistic solutions to pregnancy discomforts. Peppermint oil was considered a must have especially when trying to cool down the body.  I would carry a small bottle in my purse for days I may be commuting and dab a little on my wrists and neck, it worked wonders!"  -- Nadia


5. "Belly oil for itching and stretching skin." -- Kristin

Topricin Original helps with body aching while moisturizing the skin too.

6. "Boppy full body pillow for sleep." -- Kristin

7.  "Foot rubs from hubby or at nail salon." -- Kristin

You can use Topricin Foot Pain Relief Cream for this too!

Thanks for watching my interview with Kristin and Nadia. Check them out on instagram: TOPRICIN, Kristin McGee, and Nadia Murdock.

Here's a 30% OFF promo code for any Topricin product of your choice: FIT30. I'm a huge fan of all Topricin pain relief creams but the one I use the most is for sore muscle relief from my workout classes called MyPainAway Sports Cream. Highly recommend it here.


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