How To Use A Lip Crayon, Even For Fitness!

During this past New York Fashion Week 2014, I was invited to Style Coalition's beautiful influencer event at their loft in the Meatpacking District (right around the corner from Mizzfit headquarters).

The Influencer Lounge was lavishly set up for Style Coalition's bloggers and vloggers to primp, enjoy a cocktail and rest their sore feet in between fashion shows. I got a gel manicure, had some champagne and made a huge discovery! While getting a makeup touch-up, I was introduced to Burt's Bees new line of lip crayons. Umm, I had no idea Burt's had expanded their product line so much so I was excited to get the scoop and sample it!

I must admit, lip crayons were a little foreign to me even though I already owned one (thanks to Michelle Phan's Ipsy Glam Bag). I just didn't know how to use it correctly. So, I let the makeup artist at Style Coalition do her thing (as I meticulously watched her so I could reproduce the effect later)...and now, of course, I'm hooked!

The Burt's Bees crayon color that the makeup artist applied to my lips stayed on the entire day and night! I barely touched it up before returning to Style Coalition later that night for a private dinner. Check out the table setting...and all the was GORGEOUS!

These flowers made me want to commit to bolder lip colors, because I usually play things down with a nude lip when doing my own makeup. But just like fashion, this girl has to evolve and change things up!

Seeing all the vibrant colors and patterns on the runways and streets of New York during Fashion Week made me feel less hesitant about experimenting with brights. So I've been dipping into my crayon box (yes, I own all the Burt's Bees crayon colors now) and wanted to share this trend with you :)

That's me (above) at the Style Coalition dinner wearing a coral-pink combo which I now apply even for workouts. I swear if you apply the crayon correctly with just a dab of gloss through the middle, you will be shocked to find the color is still there after your workout. Like I said, I'm hooked.

To use, line your lips with the tip of the crayon first. You can even go a little outside of the line of your lips if you want a slightly fuller look. Once you've created your lip shape, turn the crayon on it's side and use that angle to fill in the color. Use light pressure during application because the actual crayon color is a soft, creamy substance which means the tip can easily break off. It already happened to me, grrr! For more robust color, instead of pressing hard just apply an extra coat. You can even get into the corners of your lips with a darker shade that fades out to the center for a more 3-dimensional lip.

My favorite colors from the Burt's Bees crayon rainbow are Niagara Overlook, Hawaiian Smolder and Napa Vineyard. You can find the full range of Burt's Bees NEW Lip Crayons here: Just make sure to tightly secure the lip crayon cover before throwing into your purse. You want to paint the town red, not your handbag!!!


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