I Tried Ultherapy for Tech Neck

Call me crazy but I tried an ultrasound energy treatment to get rid of my tech neck! It's called Ultherapy (also known as Ulthera) and it's a non-invasive anti-aging treatment that "potentially" helps the skin to tighten, firm up, lift up, and even become smoother in texture. I use the word potentially in quotation marks because this is how Ultherapy's own marketing materials position their claims. And I will admit, right off the bat, that my results were not dramatic...but I did see a change.
These days we're used to seeing such dramatic results that it can be shocking when the results are more subtle. It's also fair to say that Ultherapy results vary by person. For the most part, people who try it experience a tightening of the skin and less sagging.
You can see my results for yourself and tell me what you think. Watch my video below documenting my treatment and my results at three and six months out.

Was I expecting better results? Yes, I was...but I think I went into Ultherapy misunderstanding what the treatment was actually capable of correcting for me. I assumed the lines across my neck, which I attribute to endless hours spent crunching my neck while engaging in social media and computer work, would go away. That's not really how Ultherapy works though.
Instead, over the course of 6 months (because Ultherapy isn't an overnight fix) I began to notice slightly different results that I quite liked and hadn't expected. The skin under my chin and along my neck was pulled in tighter. My profile and straight on appearance became sharper along the neck and jawline. So yeah, I wasn't complaining but at the same time, the lines I was originally unhappy with were still visible.
Tech neck is a real thing. A lot of people laugh when I tell them about it because they claim it's just a sign of aging. Well, NO, it's proven that any repetitive movement over time can leave you with permanent wrinkles or lines. That's why it's bad to squint or frown too much. The best way to treat tech neck is to change your bad habits and keep your technology at eye level. Looking down at your phone while walking is the prime example of what not to do. Let's be realistic though! Who's going to stop doing that? NOT ME.
And that's basically the reason why I was super excited about trying Ultherapy. If you're in the market for this treatment or considering it, here are some important things to know...
  • Approved treatment areas are face, neck and decolletage. However, Dr. Peredo of Skinfluence where I had my treatment done told me that it can be used nearly anywhere on the body. Word on the street is that JLO and Jennifer Aniston both own machines and use it all over their body. But hey, a "birdie" told me that so I can't say that I know this for a fact (even though it comes from a reliable source).
  • Ultherapy penetrates deep into your skin to create temporary injury that causes your body to begin producing collagen, which then improves the elasticity and quality of your skin.
  • The average cost per treatment area is $4,000. The upside is you shouldn't need more than 1 treatment per year.
  • The treatment does NOT start off painful but after a few passes, the ultrasound energy makes your skin throb with a bit of discomfort in a way I can't really explain. It's bearable for most of the time, but you might need to ask for a break between passes.
  • Post-treament your neck will feel sore up to a few weeks. I can best describe the feeling as having a stiff neck...or even a pulled tendon in your neck. It's not severe though.
  • Your results should start to show at 3 months and can take up to 6 months to be most noticeable. This was exactly the case with me.
According to Dr. Peredo (who I've written about before), it's definitely possible to get rid of tech neck in the way I had originally hoped by doing a combination of Ultherapy and filler in the neck. I'm usually game to try anything BUT this combo called the Nefertiti Lift is definitely more than I'm ready to take on at this stage of my aging process. Dr. Peredo coined this treatment combo and has a strong following it. I'm sure once I get over the idea of needles going into my neck, it's a sandlot I'll choose to play in!
Before receiving Ultherapy, I got to meet Christie Brinkley who is a spokesperson for the brand. What a beautiful soul she is, and I must say I was captivated by her beauty, elegance and bubbliness (is that word?). She's a ray of light and I know she's kind because I made her take 500 pics with me until we got one that I actually liked.
Christie swears by Ultherapy and talked to me and several beauty editors about her experience using it on both her neck and decollete. I loved how candid she was. In her view, there should be no secrets to defying aging because everyone should be in-the-know about how to best and safely rejuvenate their skin. She hooked me up with the Recapture Day +IR Defense Anti-again facial cream with 30 SPF from her own Christie Brinkley skincare collection and I got to try her prosecco brand too. Let me tell you, at 64 years old, her skin is flawless! If she's a testament to Ultherapy working then I'd certainly give it another go down the road!
For more information on Ultherapy, make sure to check out their site HERE
Safety information is HERE
Christie Brinkley's Authentic Skincare HERE
Leave your sentiments in the comments below. I always want to hear from ya!
XO, Bianca Jade


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