Lifestyle Health & Wellness Expo in Brooklyn, NY

As if speaking for Cornell University and Fitness Magazine last month wasn't enough, I've been invited to join the Lifestyle Health & Wellness Expo as a panelist!

This is so exciting for me because it will be my 1st time speaking at a health expo. For years I've been attending them as a trend spotter and all around wellness "sponge", but now I get to be the expert on stage and that's a HUGE HONOR! Clearly I want you to be there.

Lifestyle Health & Wellness Expo

Saturday, November 22nd from 10am-2pm

1 Hanson Place, Brooklyn, NY 11243

If you're local to New York or want to take the drive in, stop on by! This year the Lifestyle Health & Wellness Exp is happening in Brooklyn, New York at Skylight One Hanson.

Dr. Oz is our headlining host and you can expect to get lots of info on healthy living and eating, fitness regimens, as well as health insurance options. Since this event is being provided by several popular radio stations, you'll see and hear lots of radio talent there like my personal fave Carolina Bermudez (former host of Live From The Couch who I filmed many tv segments with). Chef Carla Hall from The Chew will be there too! We were both recently interviewed by Better TV here.

I've never met Dr. Oz in person so I'm antsy about that. Have any of you met him before or been to a taping of his show? I must admit that I got really into his show after googling "how to pop a blister". I had a bad one on my foot and wanted the best instructions to minimize the pain. I can't get over how Dr. Oz makes the most disgusting things entertaining. Now that's real talent!

Make sure to mark your calendars for November 22nd from 10am - 2pm. The event is totally FREE with giveaways happening, premier health & wellness companies on hand and you can even jog there to make an extra healthy day of it.

CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO and make sure to check that panelist box with my name if you're looking forward to hear me speak :)


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