Lotus Flower On Fleek

Lotus flower designs are constantly seen on yoga clothing and accessories and they always look the same. The flower is soft, subtle and BORING! adidas has taken the complete opposite approach and given the lotus flower a makeover. Actually, let's call it a RESURRECTION. The lotus flower is now bold, proud and sharp looking, which I personally think translates better to fitness and sport.

The new Lotus Print collection by adidas Originals is urban, striking and feminine in a cool, unapologetic way. During my little photoshoot in NYC's Meatpacking District, locals and tourists alike kept pointing out my gear to their group. I had to smile and agree--can't help but love these pieces!

The lotus flower in real life is exquisite. It 100% deserves a beautiful graphic representation.

The reason yogis love this flower so much is because of its meaning and ties to Buddhism. The symbolism of the lotus is purity, spiritual awakening and faithfulness. In it's natural environment, the lotus emerges out of the muddy water and opens up perfectly clean. Its petals are never dirty but rather brimming with gorgeous color. Buddhists often use the flower's story to talk about how humans can transcend to enlightment by passing through the waters of "experience". For a flower, that's a pretty cool reputation to have.

As far as adidas track jackets go, I own a bunch. They're either a classic solid color or covered in a funky print. The Lotus Print Track Jacket might be my favorite now because I can wear it with practically anything, from workout tights to jeans and it's not limited to any season. It has a slim fit and looks great whether zipped up or left open. I like this more cropped lotus track jacket as well for a slightly sexier look.

My adidas Lotus Print Superstar shoes are equally amazing. The Superstar (with a full shell toe) was originally designed and used as an indoor soccer shoe but these days it's become more of fashion sneaker. They're thick soled and wide with a retro feel to them, featuring the classic rubber shell toe. This shoe is definitely not a fitness or "studio" sneaker but I recommend them to upgrade your street savvy fit look . They're ridiculously comfortable and cushioned, and you can wear them without socks for spring and summer. Think of them as a statement piece.

I'm definitely a bit more conservative when it comes to fitness fashion. I prefer classic pieces with a twist. But if you're fond of this new adidas print and a bit more adventurous than me, check out this Lotus Print Romper currently ON SALE! Or shop the full Lotus Print sportsweat collection here!

I'm a curious girl and was wondering what the lotus flower has to offer beyond its inherent beauty and asian cultural symbolism. So, I played around with Google and found some interesting things. For instance, the lotus flower parts are entirely used in Thai cuisine recipes, and the lotus root (stem of the flower) is popular in Chinese cuisine, considered a "cooling" food to restore balance to the body.

Lotus Flower oil is used in luxury skincare products but that was boring compared to the cookies I found on YouTube. Can this lady please come over to my apartment and MAKE THESE for me? They're not healthy nor are they made from real lotus flowers, but daaaaamn, I still want some. I'm just glad I took these pictures before the cookies entered my life.

All photography by Syuji Honda of Pure Soul Productions, Inc.


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