Love Thyself On Valentine's Day With Hard Earned Sleep. Your Body Needs & Deserves It!


Nothing seals in a killer workout better than a night of healthy, restful sleep. Why? Because our body’s muscles and organs need time to restore and rebuild after all the internal wear and tear of a workout session. A full night of continuous sleep is one of the best presents you can give yourself on a daily (and nightly) basis. That’s why brushing up on your sleep facts is a must, especially since National Sleep-In Day and Valentine's Day are right around the corner. I can't think of a better way to LOVE YOURSELF than to gift your fit body with MORE SLEEP. That's why I've teamed up with PJ Salvage to present you with Sleep Trivia! Test your knowledge at PJ Salvage, which happens to be one of the funkiest pajama brands on the planet, and come back here for pithy answers and yawn-inducing Sleep Couture.


I promise, it's a quick one and you might learn something new about sleep that you didn't know. Once you've taken the test, come back and visit me here for extrapolated Sleep Trivia answers in addition to my tips for sleeping healthy, comfortably and fashionably.


Now that you've taken the Sleep Trivia test, let's review the answers:

1. The correct answer is D

When you don't get enough sleep you risk dealing with a lot of uncomfortable symptoms that will make you seem like you aren't yourself, especially if you're around people that know you. It will feel like you're running on empty or experiencing a drug-haze. You can laugh at that...but sleep deprivation affects your cognitive functioning and reaction time, and can make you slur your words as if you were drunk. You might also feel low on energy, groggy, inattentive, drowsy, moody, stressed, anxious and impatient. Since your body is not fully rested, your threshold lowers for dealing with a range of situations, making you potentially unpleasant to be around. Physically, your body's immune system takes a hit, making you prone to viral infections and a drop in body temperature. Yeah...not so good, right?

2. The correct answer is A

To develop a healthy sleep schedule you should get in the habit of going to bed at the same time every night. Why? Because regularity will train your body to get tired and fall asleep at the same time every night as well as wake up at the same time every morning. This is the way to stabilize your biological clock and make sure that you're sleeping the right amount of hours for your body. We're not all built the same and require different amounts of sleep. Once you've gotten into the habit of going to bed at the same hour every night, you may find that you no longer need an alarm clock to wake. I mean, please, who on earth welcomes that dreaded sound every morning? Not me!

3. The correct answer is B

The best time to workout for optimal sleep is mid to late afternoon because by this time your body has adjusted to it's waking state and you've probably filled your tummy with food. It's not a good idea to work out within 3 hours of your bedtime because exercise can stimulate and energize your body, keeping you up late into the night. Try and work up a sweat towards the middle of the day so that you can enjoy the adrenaline rush which will then wear off by your bedtime for easy breezy sleeping.

4. The correct answer is B

Night-time activities like eating a light dinner, taking a relaxing bath, and breathing deeply can help you get to sleep faster and sounder. A light dinner will keep you from having stomach troubles like indigestion especially if you eat late. A warm bath relaxes your muscles and mind, and can make you drowsy in a good way. Deep breathing while laying in bed will help you focus on the task of sleeping instead of distracting thoughts. And green tea, people, will only serve to wake your ass up! So stay clear of that along with caffeine and sugar near bedtime.

5. The correct answer is B

A mid-day nap typically shouldn't go over 30 minutes because after this amount of time you usually enter into a deeper state of sleep. You don't need to enter into deep sleep to feel rejuvenated. In fact, you might even feel groggy if you go into deep sleep and then come out of it quickly. The point of a nap should be to recharge without stealing too much resting time away from your designated sleep time.

6. The correct answer is A

Too many pillows and a night light can make it hard to fall asleep but a room temperature around 65 degrees F usually gets the job done. Why? Because a room that's too hot or too cold will make you uncomfortable and have you tossing and turning in and out of your sheets. Aim for a moderate temp. Shivering and sweating is uncomfortable and your bed-mate might not like it either.


Tips for sleeping healthy, comfortably and fashionably (with a bonus tip for V-Day):

1. Sleep healthy by reading Power Sleep or Sleep For Success! by top sleep expert, Dr. James B. Mass. He was my college professor and taught me everything I know about sleep. Sleep For Success! has a section devoted to fitness & sleep. I keep them on my nightstand.

2. Sleep comfortably and fashionably by wearing PJ Salvage Pajamas. They're amazing and that's why I've teamed up with them. Part of creating a healthy bedroom environment is wearing nightclothes that puts you in the mood for sleep. Choose soft, loose-fitting and confidence-boosting pajamas. If you're going to sleep like a pro you should certainly feel like one. That includes feeling beautiful and sexy...even if you're catching zzz's alone. Check out my favorite Sleep Couture from PJ Salvage below:

Fashionable Pajamas from Pj Salvage


3. *BONUS TIP* Get romantic on V-Day by telling your bed-mate exactly how you feel. I suggest getting the message across this way:


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