Most Comfortable Fall Styles

Fall Fashion Trends - Comfy + Stylish!

I recently appeared on CT Style to talk about fall fashion trends built for comfort. Watch the video above! We see pictures of celebrities and popular fashion bloggers in amazing outfits, strutting down the street, all the time. But are they really comfortable? Because most high end and experimental fashion is NOT.

While I have die hard respect for the fashion world and 'fess up to wearing uncomfortable looks myself (in my quest to slay), it's just not fun being in a state of discomfort. Because even though you might look like a million bucks all you're really thinking about is changing the moment you get home. Or in my case, removing your heels under the table when you think no one is looking. I can't bear heels that pinch my toes!

Every brand featured in the video above is one of my favorites for making pieces that feel good on your body. None of it is sponsored...just things I discovered on my own. When I moved to a new apartment recently, I re-assessed my wardrobe and got rid of the things that weren't serving me with total comfort + style.  And moving forward, I'm keeping it that way!

I've included links to the brands below in case you want to browse them. I genuinely love and wear these pieces, as you can see. You'll seriously be floating in the Vionic Shoes, no matter what style you get! I had to walk in them to believe it...and now they're all I want to wear.

Minnie Rose - This is the most comfortable and modern cashmere I've seen before. My favorite piece is their cashere cropped crew which I layer over a loose tank. I'm wearing it in the pic below. All their clothng is flow-y, drape-y, lightweight and soft. And their pale neutrals and blush colors are so on trend this season. They even make cashmere beanies and slippers.

Skinny Shirt - I own their classic white sleeve collar shirt but ever since I became a customer, they've really expanded their product line. The best part for me is not having to shove sleeves into a sweater or blazer anymore. And the bottom part of the shirt smoothes out your middles and is easy to tuck in to pants or a skirt.

Dagne Dover Purses - I have various styles of Dagne Dover purses. The Tiny Tote is definitely one of my favorites but I'm also quite loving their NEW leather line. I recently added the Ava bag to my collection. It matches my new apartment ;)

Each Dagne Dover bag is built with tons of organization and functional pockets, to keep you from turning your purse into an endless, messy pit.

Vionic Shoes - You can't go wrong with Vionic's ankles booties. They're so on trend! And I can tell you from experience that the wedge booties are beyond comfy. Even the pointed flats blew me away when I first tried them on. I just bought myself a pair in the merlot red for winter. The reason these shoes feel so great is because the built-in orthotic is designed by a podriatist to support your heels and arches. They're designed to both prevent and heal foot pain and injuries.

Questions, comments or suggestions? Leave it below in the comments section. As always, thanks for watching and reading. I hope I turned you on to something new!


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