My Interview on Hola! TV

Bianca Jade Hola! TV celebrity interview 2021.

WOW! Just wow. I don't even know where to begin!

I was featured on Hola! TV and I'm truly still pinching myself. In Hispanic TV & Entertainment, this is a big show and a really big deal. They did a feature about Madonna right before me. I'll follow right behind Madonna any day! I know it's in Spanish but if you turn on the subtitles / closed captions, you can read the translation and follow along. The interview includes a home tour, a bit about me, my career aspirations and quite simply 'how I made it in NYC'. 

NYC can be a tough place to build a business and make a name for yourself, so I very proudly (but also humbly) stepped into this opportunity to share my story. NYC humbles even the strongest personalities, and part of making it here is that you learn to groove and carve your path within the chaos that drives the city. My opinion is that it's not enough to come to NYC with ambition. The pulse of the city has to be in sync with the beat of your heart, and your passion for urban life!

Please watch my interview with reporter Fernanda Garcia below! 

So, this interview was the 1st time I've been interviewed in Spanish on TV, and even though I hardly ever get nervous (like EVER), I was really nervous. Finding your words in a 2nd language can be difficult when you're nervous but my family is still talking to me, so I don't think I did too bad, hahaha! Here's a little behind the scenes action...

To be recognized by Hola! TV in this way is an honor beyond what I can express in gratitude. Being asked to do this interview was so unexpected and really has me feeling like I want to do even more with the Hispanic market. While I participate in a lot of events and cultural celebrations related to my ethnicity and Hispanic Heritage, I find that I'm mostly speaking English at them and not Spanish. I grew up speaking Spanish at a time when immigrants like my mother and 1st Generation kids were encouraged to speak only Enlgish. Spanish was reserved for home life. I'm very proud of my heritage, my Honduran roots and of being part of this fantastic programming. It's made me want to express myself even more in the 2nd language that I grew up with, and which I also studied in school. This interview has me speaking Spanish more than ever, to the point that I've told all of my Latin friends "no more English!" Because I need to practice my Spanish, haha!

Just curious, but do you speak another language besides the main one that's spoken in your home country? If so, what is it? In the United States, it's so rare that people speak more than 2 languages but I know from my travels that people outside of the US often speak at least 3! It's impressive. If I were to learn another language, I think it would be Portuguese because of the similarities to Spanish or it would be Italian so that I could communicate better in one of my favorite countries of all time to visit! 


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