My Picks: Face Masks that are Stylish and Comfortable

Blogger Bianca Jade wears a tie dye face mask.

Full disclosure: I don't love wearing a face mask but I do it for your safety and for mine during the world's COVID-19 crisis. I don't think anyone enjoys wearing a mask! But this is our present reality. The first protective face mask that I got my hands on was the bubble shaped N-95 mask that is so tight and constricting around the mouth and cheekbones. I have really pronounced and high cheekbones so that mask wasn't  happening for me. Not a problem because overnight the face mask business quickly evolved! In what seemed like a blink of an eye, you could find so many styles and designs EVERYWHERE. They're even sold at local dry cleaners!

From designer brands to fitness companies, every retailer is selling masks. Are they all as safe as the N-95 masks worn by medical professionals? To be honest, I have no idea. Probably not but maybe safer if you combine with a face shield. Since I'm not an expert on COVID-19, I defer to Dr. Fauci (on "universal mask wearing"). What I do know is some protection is better than no protection, and it's important to follow the rules mandated by your state or country during a pandemic...which means I MASK UP as I'm sure you do, too.  Here are some of my favorite face mask styles that are comfortable and breathable. I've tried a lot of face masks and even if they're cute or have a really amazing design, I just can't wear them if they don't feel nice on my face. As if mascne wasn't bad enough, right? 

All these masks are currently in my arsenal and I have linked to them all in case you want to purchase one!




EMILY HSU DESIGNS (fitness-inspired) Face Masks

Emily Hsu Designs face masks come in many fun prints, including this blue Tie Dye Together Mask. All of Emily Hsu Designs masks have the same super comfortable and breathable construction that nicely wrap around the jaw line and reach high enough to cover your nose. The mask is very soft on the face and seems to wick moisture away from the face as well. If you sweat in it or need to clean it, just wash with your laundry, It 100% retains its exact shape and color. There's no internal wiring like many face masks have, so it's easy to fold or stick in a purse or pocket without being bent out of shape. I have a few other designs: a multi color tie-dye mask and the Peacock Together Mask

These masks are affordable at $16 each and there have been promotions for buying multiple. They make great gifts, can be coordinated with Emily Hsu Designs activewear, and worn for long periods of time without leaving marks on your face. I like how the ear loops are easily adjustable and can be made tighter without causing any pressure to the face.



These beauties are Middle-Eastern desert inspired and will be perfect for upcoming fall and winter weather when you want to keep more of your face and neck warm.

They are flow-y, and the fabric is silky and luxurious. It's a gorgeous fashion statement to make and everyone will be commenting on the long "train" (I don't know what else to call it). I think it gives off a sexy, mysterious vibe and will nicely compliment a makeup'd or natural (no-makeup) face. I would just recommend going makeup-free with the white unless you plan on dry cleaning yours.

These glamourous facemasks are sold by special order through Kobi Halperin, who designed them originally as a COVID-19 social media project and to encourage people to #wearamask .



TRU47 Anti-bacterial Silver Mesh Face Masks

Aren't these cool? I love how thin and breathable they are. Their thinness and translucense is justified by woven fabric fibers plated with silver in an ionic silver bath process. That's a mouthful but silver fibers are defiitely known for protecting against harmful germs, fungus, and viruses that live on everyday surfaces and in the air. TRU47 created these Silver Mesh Masks primarily for exercise use, to fasciliate breathing when your heart rate is up and your breaths quicken and become more powerful. However I like mine so much, I wear mine daily for walking around NYC. It's the best feeling mask I own 

Based on the information I was given, these masks will outlast 500 washes or 10,000 wipes (which is a lot...and whose counting?!) Hand washing and air drying is encouraged. Tru47 makes these mask in several styles in both adult and children's sizes. I actually use this Kid's Silver Mesh Mask in Large and it fits my face perfectly.





Face Mask Chains From Pretty Connected

How pretty and vibrant is this last mask? I received it as a promotional gift from Burt Bees through their collaboration with Shop Pretty Connected on her fun fashion chains--a genius addition to any mask style! I'm not sure exactly where to tell you to get this mask but honestly it's a pretty basic style that you can probably find anywhere. The special part is really the chain that Lara Eurlodian of Pretty Connected makes and sells on her shop site. She offers her own stylish face masks coupled with these popular chains that come in gold, silver, charcoal gray and iridescent finishes. Personally, this chain has made it so easy for me to keep track of my mask and make sure I always have it on me. I highly recommend at the very least getting one of these and coordinating it with your staple Fall pieces. 



Please let me know what style of face mask you're into so I can keep my eyes out for more brands and innovations that will cater to your lifestyle.

Do you wear a mask to exercise? Do you like changing up your masks every day or for different kinds of outtings. How often do you wash your mask or do you dispose of it after a certain amount of use. I'm so curious to hear as I think we're all navigating this new vital accessory. Thank you for reading and keeping me posted on your mask routine.


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