Resolutions Are Pointless Without Glue. Stick To 'Em With My Favorite Fit Trends for 2013!

Would your New Year resolutions from years past smack you for betraying them? Mine would. It's easier said than done to say you're going to make major changes in your life. This year I'm redeeming myself with my favorite Fit Trends for 2013. The best way to stick to your resolutions is to find the best glue. So let's get sticky! Check out these trends and TRY ONE!

Resolutions I've Failed

Oh man, I'm embarrassed to even start this list but here goes...

  • Get to bed earlier. Sleep 6-7 hours a night. (I don't think I ever got more than 4-5 in 2012)
  • Learn to forgive more. (This is hard esp when you've been really hurt! I tend to hold grudges.)
  • Eat healthier than ever. Use my new magic bullet. (Yeah, that thing never came out of the box.)
  • Make sure to find 20-30 minutes to workout on busy days when my normal intense workouts aren't an option. (...nope)
  • Squash my fears about not measuring up to the lifestyle my friends and family have (y'know, the not kids thing)
  • Stop with the sugar, candy and all the things you know are bad for you. (I tried! OK...not really.)

These are just a few from a much longer list of failed resolutions but I don't want to get all down on myself here because this is going to be a POSITIVE article...I promise! The fact is that I made resolutions that slowly faded from my mind even though I frame my written list and hang it where I can see it. But this year is going to be different and that's no cliche' because I'm accepting what I became disconnected from and using the best glue to sync back up.

Resolutions I'm Now Making

I've made 3 resolutions this year instead of my usual list of 20+

  1. Refer back to 2011 list and COMMIT
  2. Refer back to 2012 list and COMMIT
  3. Forget failure. I have no choice but to succeed.

Fit Trends Are My Glue

Reporting on and testing out Fit Trends is what I do. In December, I decided to walk my talk down the resolution victory road. And that's how I started off the year. I took some of my favorite Fit Trends on the Pix11 Morning News.

You know you've hit the jackpot when all the anchors surround your product table and ask "where can I get that?"

Check out the Fit & Health Trends I'm most excited about for tackling my resolutions from 2011 to 2012. I'm telling you, I've got a lot of work to do!

When it comes to juice cleansing, I've got some experience under my belt. I created a Gym 'N Juice tutorial here and then last year I discovered Ritual Wellness Juices. The New Year is one of the best times I can think of to try a juice cleanse and reset your system. Juice is becoming the new coffee. I wouldn't tell you to replace your coffee with it but I would recommend trying a 3-7 day cleanse. I spent a good deal of my childhood on my family's coffee plant in Honduras, so I'll always have a lifelong love for the stuff but sometimes it's good to take a break from caffeine. And I advise replacing Gatorade/energy drinks with RW's Pineapple Mint juice--so good!

I'm thrilled to share an incredible promotion from Ritual Wellness Juices with you! Get 10% off a RW juice cleanse using this promo code: mizzfit10. It's valid until 1/22/13. And once you receive your juices, you can accessorize with them like Sofia Vergara!

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From the Pix11 video, I wanted to highlight these trends and say that you can work out as much as you like but the food you put in your body will ultimately win out. Meaning, you still have to portion control and eat fresh 'n healthy. The Fitlosophy Food Scale will help you portion control and stop you from obsessing over calories. Because let's admit that's a mind f*ck. The Salad For Dinner book will inspire you to incorporate more greens into your diet and have you shopping in the fresh food aisle like a master chef. Madonna's workout DVDs will help you workout *in a cool way* when you just can't hit the gym or get to your favorite class. 

Last summer I went to the IdeaFIT World Fitness Conference in San Diego to trend spot and returned with great lessons learned. Below you'll see a collage of my pics from my weekend there. I learned that it's so easy to eat healthier and greener when you use the beauty of fresh ingredients to your advantage. Don't just throw things together. Mix them artfully.

I was inspired by environmentally friendly utensils, the idea of cucumbers replacing crackers, Action Wipes for when a shower is impossible but you have to get the stink off, sexy pole-wear from Vertical Edge, and aerial workouts taken to the next level. I also realized that sometimes minimalist workouts are better than ones with fancy all-in-one equipment.

I took a class taught by one of my heroes, Kathy Smith, featuring the BodyGym Bar at the conference which was a mess. It's a resistance bar with handles and clip in pieces that was not only confusing to put together but dangerous! Towards the end of the session, the bar Kathy was using came apart and broke her nose. Kind of traumatic and sad to witness. I felt so bad for her...esp since she was there to promote it.

I completely fell in love with Tommy Saunder's Rock360 while at IdeaFIT. It's the ab wheel revolutionized! It's better because there's more range of movement and you can get creative with all the circular motions possible--like writing your name on the floor. I have one of my own now and will be using it while watching my new obsession The Big Bang Theory reruns. Yeah yeah, I know I'm late to the game, but I didn't start watching TV for the last 3 years until about 2 months ago. Sorry...I was BLOGGING!

The Effect Of All These Fit Trends On Me (and possibly YOU!)

  • I stopped eating processed sugar
  • I'm ingesting less carbs
  • I work out 1/day (whether it's for 30 minutes or 1.5 hrs)
  • I actually get tired and yes, I SLEEP!
  • I'm happier and treat myself better
  • I feel like I'm measuring up to the person I WANT TO BE.

And if you don't believe me. Look who busted her Magic Bullet out! Yummy yogurt based berry-nut smoothies--2 days and going strong!

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