Share Your Healthy Place, Win Titan Tea!

Titan Tea, an amazing new tea drink, has asked me to share my favorite "healthy place" as part of their Healthy Place Contest, which you've got to enter! All you have to do is share a healthy spot you love to win a 1-year supply of Titan Tea! A huge score considering Titan Tea is my latest healthy indulgence (because it's electrolyte enhanced tea for active people and because the rasberry flavor rocks).

Most of you know me as fitness lover and would probably guess that my go-to healthy place is in a workout class, right? Nope...although I do love myself a sweaty workout. My healthy place of choice is actually on my cruiser bike, riding through the streets of New York City. And what do ya know, I don't even wear workout clothes to ride!

When I'm on my cruiser, I totally plug into the city and how it moves. You have to be really careful riding a bike in NYC because traffic and people getting out of parked cars are your worst enemy. Being alert and watching the city from every angle is key but it's also quite liberating. It takes my mind off everything else going on in my life. I honestly feel like I'm flying.

I usually jump on my bike to commute to work or to get to informal meetings quickly. Sometimes I ride to Soho to meet a friend or to Chinatown for soup dumplings (which are NOT gluten-free but are my guilty-exception). I don't ride every day but whenever I do, I feel like I'm seeing the city I live in, in a whole new way.

My cruiser makes me feel thankful for the things that actually stress me out when I'm not riding my bike. It's that whole "seeing things from a different perspective" experience that we all need from time to time. I even like parking my bike and taking a break just to people watch (my favorite zone-out pastime). You won't find better people watching and characters on the street than good 'ol New York City!

So where's YOUR Healthy Place? Share it with me and Titan Tea to win more tea that you can even imagine! A 1-year supply of Titan Tea. I mean...that's a lot of freakin' tea. Hope you have a big refrigerator or at least an extra one in the garage. Otherwise I'm happy to take a month off your hands ;)

Titan Tea is announcing the winner on July 22nd, 2014. Be sure to enter by July 21st @ 11:59pm. Just take a stellar pic of your fave "healthy place", post it on Instagram with the hashtag #healthyplace and don't forget to tag @TitanTea. Not on Insta? That's OK, you can still enter by uploading your pic HERE. Tag me at @Mizzfit_Bianca if you want a repost!

Can't wait to see your pics! XOXO, Bianca Jade/Mizzfit


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