Summer Body Revival #MIZ15

Let's talk about summer.'s not officially here yet, but it's time to prep. I know you know what it feels like to try on that new bikini or pair of short shorts. Your body kind of rejects it, right? It's like the hottest summer essentials that every magazine is telling you to buy suddenly feel more unforgiving than necessary. But that's quickly fixed. It's just a matter of thinking ahead.

There's a transition period we have to go through. If you embrace it, your skin won't seem as pale and you won't be as hesistant to show off your figure. Layers be gone! Trust me, I go through this every year myself and it's the reason I decided to tackle the problem with my newest Quarterly Box #MIZ15.

I want every woman to love her summer body at the start of summer. I mean, why can't that be possible, right? Personally, I've made up my mind to feel INCREDIBLE from Day 1 and I'm inviting you to join me. I've chosen amazing products for the Mizzfit Box inspired by recent adventures in Hawaii where I had to switch into beach mode a lot earlier than I'm used to.

The Summer Body Revival themed box ships this month (May 2017) and includes my advice for staying on track food-wise, fitness-wise and daily routine-wise. It's all about being "wise"! Check out these teasers for what to expect in the soon-to-ship box. Keep in mind these are only a few. The box has 14 physical items inside with 3 amazing perks.

I'll start with one of my favorites and one of the most expensive items in the box, which actually retails for more than what the box costs you ($50). The Colorscience Sunforgettable Brush is a 2 in 1 mineral finishing powder and SPF 50. I've been using it for as long as I can remember. It's not a new trend but one you need to have in your skincare arsenal because it's hard to find powder formulated with SPF that you can wear on a clean face or over your makeup without getting burned.

WET Swimwear is a brand I discovered earlier this year. They've got some really funky designs and I absolutely love their one-pieces. I wore their Salma one-piece in one of my instagram posts (above) from Hawaii, and everyone was asking me where to buy it. So I figured, why not just include an amazing discount for all WET Swimwear styles in the box as one of the perks? Done and done. You can now feel sexy in a one-piece with a plunging neckline. It covers you up in the middle and has a conservative backside but if you've got the chest to flaunt, this is your opportunity because it's a super hot suit! I recommend pairing it with a body chain.

I've been spray tanning and using tanning creams my whole life. In my opinion, they're completely necessary during the spring to summer transition period. But I'll be honest and tell you that I use them year round as I prefer them to the sun. The only issue is that getting a spray tan or applying these lotions and waiting for them to work can be so time consuming. Not with 10 Minute Tan from Vita Liberata! So psyched about having it in the box because it works in 10 minutes or you can leave it on for longer (like I do) for a deeper tan.

I talk a lot about how to boost your fitness routine in the letter that comes inside the #MIZ15 Box. So, it became very necessary to include accessories that complemented my advice. This Kaselit cell phone case with a gold chain on the back for easy gripping is like the coolest thing ever. Since every one has a different phone, it's one of our featured "customizable" perks inside the box. 

These PowerLacez in neon green are kind of the best ;) because they'll keep you on track to reach your summer body goals but they'll also keep you safe during nightly runs. Evenings are literally my favorite time to run because it feels like you own the streets. Plus, it's cooler than running in the hot sun. You just have to remember to stay visible to oncoming traffic. I want to help you do that in a fun way!

Our Golden Ticket giveaways are always AMAZING. If you're subscribed to #MIZ15, you're automatically entered to win this prize package trio about, which includes: 1) a pair of REP Active Art workout leggings, 2) 2Toms Stink Free Sport Detergent and 3) a Kaselit phone case of your choice. Have I enticed you without revealing too much? I hope so.

Make sure to sign up for my Summer Body Revival box by clicking this link! 


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