Tips for At Home Workouts During Coronavirus Quarantine

Binaca Jade interview with Ellen Bryan on WUSA9 on how to get exercise at home during Coronavirus quarantine.

First, I really want to give a heartfelt THANKS to WUSA-9 in Washington DC and host Ellen Bryan for having me Skype-in to their show. I believe we need to thank the American workers who are going into work everyday not just because they need to, but because they want to. In the news industry, it's especially risky right now as many reporters are on-location and potentially exposing themselves to coronavirus just in doing their job of bringing us the news. So, hats off to WUSA-9 and all the other brave American workers who are unable to work from home as I am now.

It's been quite a luxury working from my home office despite the fact that I'm stuck in NYC. I really love the stress-free commute from my bathroom where I do my makeup/hair to my living room where I comfortably sat on my couch and did this interview from. Please watch the video below to hear my tips on staying active during our country's COVID-19 quarantine.


In case you're wondering why I did a Skype-in, it's because during this coronavirus pandemic, TV and news shows have stopped bringing in guests to limit the spread of the virus and maintain a safe & healthy work environment. This means most guests on all shows are joining in on the conversation, panel or interview via Skype or Zoom. Sometimes there are technical difficulties with this, and that's honestly why I prefer Zoom over Skype (it's just more reliable with a clearer connection) but overall I've had few issues and love not having to travel to different cities to appear on TV. 

Since appearing on WUSA-9, I've put together a few more tips that I feel confident sharing and know you'll enjoy. Don't be shy! Please let me know what you like and how I can provide even more resources to keep you active during your quarantine. 


To work out LIVE in real time with fitness pros, check out:

  • Trainer Keoni Hudoba who's doing his COREntine workouts daily at 9am EST on his @keonihudoba insta page while simultaneously raising money for businesses and organizations affected by COVID-19. So far, he's raised $6000! His workouts are incredible and as lead trainer of Barry's Bootcamp, he will make sure you hit EVERY MUSCLE! 
  • My yoga instructor Dina Ivas from Yoga with Dina is doing daily yoga sessions via Zoom all week and into the weekend, featuring her much-loved advanced yoga style. She's one of the BEST yoga instructors in NYC! Her classes are not free but cost a mere $15 per drop-in, $45 for a 5-pack and you can participate with your camera on or off...but virtual "adjustments" are much easier when the teacher can see you :)
  • The cardio dance party happening LIVE on the 305Fitness YouTube page with founder Sadie Kurzban at noon and 6pm daily. She's literally such a hoot. You'll be jumping around and laughing your fit ass off, which is not a bad thing.
  • Make sure to check the instagram accounts of your favorite boutique studios like SoulCycle and Rumble Fitness. Many studios and gyms are offering live sessions to their loyal clients and members. 



To take high-quality digital fitness classes that you can start/pause/stop whenever you like, check out:

  • The ClassPass website has a FREE video page you can access when you create your FREE account. Right now booking classes is off the table but you can totally pop into their video classes which run up to 30-minutes and can be coupled together to create a workout length that suits you. I do about 2-3 classes at a time and like mixing strength training, cardio and yoga classes. They've even got express classes that run 10-12 minutes. I can't say enough about the CP video library. I can't believe they're NOT charging for this as one could totally get through quarantine just by taking these classes. There's literally everything you could ever want, the instructors are awesome and the workouts really get your heart pumping. Well done, CP!
  • Exhale OnDemand's 30-day FREE trial of mind-body-spirit offerings. This includes yoga, barre, barefoot sculpting, cardio sculpting, and meditation classes. I'm a huge fan of all things Exhale, have been going to their classes for years and know they won't do ya wrong!
  • The CentrFit fitness hub, which is a favorite site and app of crossfitters, bodybuilders and fans of actor Chris Hemsworth (well, because it's his creation...and he's hot!) Chris recently announced that he's offering 6 WEEKS FREE to new members. It includes food plans/prepping, advice from Chris' network of health pros and of course lots of workouts to muscle up! I haven't personally tried this one yet but I intend to so let me know your thoughts if you dive in before me.


To sculpt your abs in less than 10 minutes, check out these mobile apps"

  • Daily Ab Workout App - This app will train your abs. Pick 5, 8 or 10 minute workout options. Follow the visual cues and do as many as you can until the timer sounds. Available on both Apple App Store and Google Play for FREE!
  • Eight Minute Abs App - This app gives you 1 ab exercise a minute for a total of 8 excruciating minutes. I mean, c'mon, it has to be hard if it's only going to last 8 minutes, right??? You can adjust your fitness level. Start when the timer goes off. Stop when the buzzer sounds. Before you know it, you're done. Available on both Apple App Store and Google Play for FREE!


I hope these recommendations bring you sweat sessions that are fun, stimulating, and that of course, FEEL GOOD! Let me know how I can help out with any other fitness questions or curiosities you have. Leave your comments below as well as any tips you have for fitness sites or apps I should check out. Thank you!


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