What Celebrities Wear to Stay Fit. Like Heidi Klum, Vanessa Hudgens, Madonna, Jessica Biel and More!

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We see celebrities in their gorgeous gowns on the Red Carpet all the time, but what we don't see enough of is what they're wearing to work out! There's spectacular fashion happening on the celebrity fitness scene and YOU can get your hands on it too.

That's where I come in!!!

Watch the video from my latest TV appearance (up above) and then keep scrolling to learn more about the celebrity fitness fashion featured.

Heidi Likes It Loose

Heidi Klum always looks great. I mean, she's a model...but to her credit, she really does workout. And surprisingly when it comes to her sportswear, she prefers a looser look. Her line with New Balance called Heidi Klum, totally reflects her personal workout style.

Heidi loves to layer her tops and generally prefers a more flow-y, casual fit look. The Heidi Klum Tunic T-Shirt ($39) sold at Lady Foot Locker is a great choice (and one of Heidi's favorites) because it doesn't fit too tight, it's long and doesn't bunch up when you move.

It's nicely paired with black or bright colored bottom for an effortless chic look. I love the other 2 colors it comes in, too!

Paula Abdul & Vanessa Hudgens Zip Up in BodyRock Sport

These girls like to dress up their fit look with a motorcycle-inspired fitness jacket that keeps the "coldhearted snakes" away (if you got that reference you're probably 30+ years old and have the greatest taste in early 90's music EVER). Clearly I love Paula and like her and dear Vanessa, I'm a huge fan of the BodyRock Sport collection.

The Moto Jacket ($165) is the definition of cool and wherever you go, you'll be complimented on it. I know this from personal experience! I recommend snagging it in a cool color that you'll actually wear and coordinate with your other fitness clothes. This pink one is nice for summer if you have loud style.

Madonna Shocks in Spanx

I just couldn't believe it when I first found out that Madonna and her trainer, Nicole Winhoffer, wear Spanx!

Why would they need it? A Spanx rep and Nicole both told me it's because Spanx apparel is made with incredibly flattering and smart compression that...

  • reminds you to activate and contract your abdominal muscles while working out (or for some of us, sucking it all in)
  • makes your body and curves look great, hiding troublesome lumps for a smoother appearance

The next shocker was that once I tried out the On Top and In Control Scoop Tank by Spanx, I found it to be SO comfortable! I even started wearing it as day-wear...and I usually NEVER do that with my workout clothes! But it's nice to have that versatility. I just recommend that you hang dry yours after washing. Check out 2 pics of me in another Spanx tank I love--the Crew:

Score your own miracle Spanx tank or anything from their latest active collection at stores like Sports Authority, Dillards, Lane Bryant, Nordstroms and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Reese Witherspoon, Kourtney Kardashian and Julianne Hough Secure Their Locks with Kitsch Ties

When it comes to fitness, hair can definitely be a hassle. I even made a video about it to help you save your blowout! Kitsch hair ties are seamless and flat. They won't cause prominent kinking or annoying indentations in your hair when you take it down from a bun or ponytail. I wear Kitsch headbands too, and I'm always impressed that they don't give me headband-head.

They come in fun colors, prints and even sparkles. Flaunt them on your wrists like the celebs do when you take your hair down. You can even match them to hair color or highlights. They're available in packs of 5 starting at $10 but if I were you, I'd buy the 40 assorted ties for $50 and avoid having to restock. Find Kitsch at Nordstroms, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters stores.

Jessica Struts Her Stuff in Nike Sneaker Wedges

I heart Jessica and her luscious bod of steel. This woman works out even when she's not working out by wearing Nike's Sky High Dunk (which has a concealed and very comfortable wedge inside) to the airport.

Too many women heel-it-up to the airport. It's the worst place to wear uncomfortable shoes, especially for how much walking you end up doing. Jessica plays it smart and makes every step count in sneakers that are "high" style, lengthening and that look great with jeans.

Wedge sneakers give women the ability to walk more comfortably and for longer without feeling like they're wearing a boring sneaker or compromising on style. I own this shoe in 2 different styles which I wear to work, for leisure city walking and running errands. Check them out at Lady Foot Locker for around $100...or score a color that's currently on SALE!


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