What's a Buzz Run? Join Me on One!

What's a buzz run? The picture you're looking at is from my last one along the Hudson River. But let me elaborate. A buzz run is a run that you plan and schedule either privately or publicly with the GNO app on the New Balance website. The GNO app, which stands for Girl's Night Out, is part of NB's social-fitness campaign to encourage more women to workout together instead of alone.

When you create a run/route, the GNO app gives you the option to send text alerts to other registered GNO Meetup users in the area who may want to join your run. Viola! New runner friends. It's THAT easy.

I've been hosting the NB Girl's Night Out events in NYC since May and it's been a ridiculously good time. But I've also been using the GNO app on my spare time to coordinate buzz runs. For my last buzz run, I made it a public run. If you want to keep yours limited to just your girlfriends, you can certainly create one that sends invites only to the people you choose.

My next buzz run is this week on Friday, June 27th. Join me...it's free and won't be longer than 45 minutes. INFO + SIGN UP HERE! It will start in the Meatpacking district and continue along the Hudson River run path until we reach the North Cove Yacht Harbor in Battery Park City, at which point we'll loop back.

Got plans tomorrow? Because that's when the next #NBGNO in NYC is happening. If that doesn't work out for you though, there's another one in NYC and in Boston happening on July 17th, 2014. Have a look HERE (scroll down to events) for info by city.

Last month's #NBGNO party included a 3.5 mile buzz run, with a quick stop on the city Highline to take a group selfie :)

This just goes to show you that buzz runs can shape out to be quite large! For the next #NBGNO party (tomorrow on June 24th), just click on the image below to sign up.

However, I have a hunch it's completely booked so if you can't get a spot through the New Balance site, just shoot me an email and I'll make sure you're good to go. It would be awesome to see you there!

What I love about #NBGNO parties and Buzz Runs...

1. You use the city as your gym and you get to fly through it, visually experiencing things in a totally different way. At run, landmarks and city structures take on new meaning. You use them to push you along as mental markers and more physically, to stretch!

2. They're complete stress relievers! I'll be honest with you and say that I'm the type of person who's always on-the-go. But more often than not, it turns me into a shoulder-raising stress ball and I need some kind of outlet to just LET IT ALL GO! #NBGNO and the GNO App really help out. I love checking my workout off my to-do list but doing it in a social way makes it feel a lot less like work...and more of a break from my hectic life!

3. It's a great way to connect with all of YOU! At the last #NBGNO event, I shared my story about building my company Mizzfit LLC. (That's me in the purple shorts blabbing away.) It was inspiring to connect with other women like yourself who are doing something similar and want to be a part of the same network. Just incredible!

I hope that if you're NYC local, I'll get to see you at the upcoming Girls' Night Out party or on my Friday night buzz run. Feel free to leave questions in the comments section below. Have fun scheduling your own buzz runs--don't forget to invite me!


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