Workout Gear You'll Love with the Equipment You Need to Exercise Built In

Video - Great Day STL 2012- "Built-in Fitness Equipment"


Burnin' calories on TV and all I did was stand there.

Morning show host, Virginia Kerr is my HERO! She made my latest fitness fashion segment on the Great Day St. Louis show a breeze. They say laughter burns calories. I must've burned a couple hundred just standing there when she put on the Halo Sport headband. I cherish women like Virginia who get so excited about fitness trends they just can't wait to get their hands on it...or heads into it!

Let's dive deeper into the fitness gems you watched in the video (for more info and irresistible discounts). I know you can't tell from the pic below, but I was so excited to the point of shaking to present these on TV to you! That's what you call a true fitness junkie.


    *** Stylish workout gear with BUILT-IN fitness equipment ***

W8FIT Apparel is a line of weighted workout clothes designed specifically for women by superstar Maya Kaminsky. There are pockets in the racerback tank, capris and cuffs that you insert credit card sized weights into which range from 1/4 to 1/2 pound. The pockets hold the weight securely while you workout giving you an extra bit of challenge and resistance. I'm a huge fan of the cuffs for basically everything from shadow boxing, zumba, strength training bootcamps and power walking. Keep in mind that W8FIT weights are sold separately from apparel but they only cost $5-$10 for a 2-pack and I recommend buying both sizes especially for the capri pants. Special promo!!! Get 20% off at W8FIT until the end of October when you use the promo code MIZZFIT at checkout.

Amphipod's Flashing LED Arm/Ankle Band is pure genius because it comes in reflective neon pink and has built-in mini-lights to make your workout safer. If you like to exercise outside, it's a must especially as the season turns to Fall and it's getting darker much earlier outside. The band is adjustable, lightweight and easy to turn on and off while wearing it. I'm in marathon training right now and don't go for night runs without it!

Halo Sport Headbands are a girl's best friend for keeping your hair back and your music on. It's hard to imagine but a pair of wafer thin speakers fit inside this headband and they're also removable for headband washing.

The Empowerment Bra by BodyRock Sport is very dear to my heart because 1 in 7 women get breast cancer. It gives women who've had mastectomies the "equipment" to feel outrageously sexy while working out. That's of course, if you like boobies. But who doesn't like boobies? The Empowerment Bra has built-in high quality padded molded cups and lined pocket slits for the silicone inserts of your preference. Been A Boob makes good ones. Special promo!!! Get 20% off The Empowerment Bra at when you use the promo code MIZZFIT at checkout.

JammyPacks are what I like to call the hipster boom box. Unfortunately I wasn't able to feature these on Great Day, but they're still one of my favorites (I roller skate in them). Check them out below.They're roomy hip packs with built-in speakers that let you play music outloud. Attach your iPod/iPhone and turn up volume. With the JammyPack everyone can hear what you're jammin' to, so keep your audience in mind and stick to the hits everyone loves.Special promo!!! Get 30% off a JammyPack through 2012 when you use the promo code MIZZFIT at checkout.


The Great Day GIVEAWAY!

Wanna get your hands on (or head into) the "built-in fitness equipment" goodies I've been raving about? Just enter my Great Day Giveaway for the items you see below! There are 3 giveaway items (W8FIT, Halo Sport, JammyPack) and I'll pick a winner for each one on October 3rd 2012.

To enter you must leave a comment in the comments section below, telling me what you build into your fitness routine or outfit to make your workout harder, faster, smarter, crazier or funner. Yes, I just used a grammatically incorrect word. Stop focusing on that and start writing your comment so that you can win my giveaway. Be sure to indicate in your comment which "built-in" item you're lusting after. That way, if you win, you'll be sure to get exactly what you want!

Thanks for watching/reading/entering!

xoxo, MizzFIT



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