Cardio-Box Like A Million Dollar Baby

In Million Dollar Baby, Coach Frank Dunn gives Maggie Fitzgerald the boxing name "mo cuishle", which means my darling. Her passion for boxing warms his heart and ours (I'm assuming you've seen it...if not, you're missing out). Maggie Fitzgerald is a fantastic character, role model and fitness style icon. She's feminine and fierce, and subsequently inspires great fashion for one of my favorite workouts, cardio-boxing!


Cardio-boxing is one of the best forms of exercise, because it conditions your whole body and builds muscle strength, endurance, balance, agility and coordination all at the same time. It provides a complete workout for your cardiovascular and endurance systems. Most cardio-box programs consists of variable heart rate work and actual boxing techniques. (source: Cardio-Boxing for Super Fitness by Elizabeth Quinn on


Cardio-boxing sessions are proven calorie burners...we're talking 500...

Dork Out & Work Out To Calorie Burning Video Games Made For Fitness


Fitness video games are not for couch potatoes.

I never got into video games as a kid and if someone handed me a controller, Mario would be lying in a ditch unconscious within seconds. I admit, my hand-eye coordination was off and my patience limited. But it didn't seem right that I sat and jiggled a controller while Mario & Luigi had all the fun. I became increasingly skeptical of video games through the years and labeled them "dorky". When the Wii Fit came out, I gave it the cold shoulder and preferred fitness DVDs. But then something happened that changed my mind--the invention of fitness games that let you into the game and use your body just like Mario & Luigi. This summer l tried out 3 new interactive fitness games that are workout worthy and tons of fun. You can play them on your own or break them out for family gatherings. Just make sure to push the couch out of the way because there's absolutely no sitting involved!


Your Shape:Fitness...

TeleYoga: private yoga for women who skype


When I heard about a quirky yoga chick that was broadcasting yoga sessions to women via skype and video chat, I thought, I've gotta track her down and meet her. So I did! After just 1 hour with TeleYoga creator, Christine Miller, I felt like we were lifelong friends. I can totally understand why her clients can't get enough of her, especially when they're traveling, which is actually how it all began.


TeleYoga explained from the yogi's mouth:


Why it suits women on-the-go:


How it works:

You make sure you're equipt with a computer webcam (very important).

You schedule an online session with Christine through her website (and pay).

You login to Skype (it's free).

You call TeleYoga through Skype (or she can call you).

You connect and begin your TeleYoga session!


A quickie on how to tone your arms:


TeleYoga's fitness couture favorites:


Madonna picks barre3 by Sadie Lincoln. Which barre workout is right for you?

- This is a guest post by Erica Chapman -


Barre fitness is an oldie but goodie.

Lately it seems like everyone and their mother has tried a barre fitness class and raved about it in a tabloid. But the barre method has actually been around for ages.  What's with the sudden surge in popularity? And with all these new studios and DVD's popping up, how is a girl to choose which barre to do her plies at?

Differentiating between barre workouts.

For answers, I tested out 3 different barre workouts--two classes and one DVD--to get a sense of the differences between the brands. First, though, the common ground: a barre workout is simply a series of strengthening exercises using very small, repeated movements and the body's own weight resistance, mostly performed at a ballet barre for balance, and alternating with periods of stretching to keep you long and lean. It is NOT dancing (girls with 2 left feet, rest easy--I was joking about the plies back there). And...

Your new workout bud: ASYM by Skullcandy


I heart ASYM ear buds because...

They feel good. When I popped ASYM ear buds (in catfight hot pink) into my ears, I experienced superior comfort right away. These buds are shaped for asymmetric ears (don't pout, no one's ears are perfect). Instead of the awkward ear clip which always rubs me the wrong way (literally), ASYM's ear phone cable runs over the top of your ear in a non-intrusive, fashionably smart way.

They sound good. I selected a mix by dj/producer Lauren Flax and slipped into a world of intense sound. It felt like I had headphones on, not ear buds! I even removed them to see if they were emitting sound because the sound was so unbelievably powerful for a bud. They weren't. Which means no one has to know what you're sweating to. It's OK, we all have embarassing music that gets us going.

They price is good. At $39.95, these non-invasive ear buds are fitness-friendly and will make your workout mix jump. Not bad at all as long as you steer...


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