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Hate Socks?


The new NikeFree 5.0 running shoe boasts barefoot technology that is supposed to strengthen feet for runners. I just designed this pair and plan on taking them for a run even though I’m usually a fan of socks. Supposedly you can wear them with or without socks, but I see most people wearing them without. They look sleek and they’re flexible so you can literally fold or compress them into a gym bag. But here’s the deal—runners need support. I’m always iffy about these lightweight running shoes. Let’s see what happens…

UPDATE:Absolutely love them! They're soooo comfortable. My step feels lighter and it seems like the muscles in my feet are working harder. I've been wearing them with thin sport socks to avoid making them unbearably stinky. Also, if you have big feet, the NikeFree will make them seem smaller. I can't believe how teeny my feet look in them! Great sneakers--whether you hate socks or not!




Contributed by New Yorker/Gym-goer Jeremy S. (MizzFIT Guest Blogger)


Hey MizzFIT!

I’m looking forward to our next workout and thanks for asking me to contribute. Here’s what’s on my mind today…

A few days ago, I was chatting with a gym acquaintance and inquired how his training was coming along. Despite a rigorous cardio routine of 3-5 miles a day and a weight training program involving various compound exercises (multi-joint movement that works several muscle groups at one time) he was not burning fat at a recognizable rate. Attempting to assess why his efforts were not paying off, I asked him two basic questions. When are you running and how fast are you running? His answers would determine whether he was running himself into a fat-burning pitfall.

Believe it or not, all cardio is not created equal. Running ‘fast’ is far less productive than running ‘slow’ when trying to burn fat. To maximize fat burning, you want to train at...

Aerojump: cardio/jump rope class

I just finished taking the AEROJUMP class at AEROSPACE High Performance Center and I can’t remember the last time I worked out so hard. A big shout out to Niki and Louise for joining me. Without them, I surely wouldn’t have survived. AEROSPACE is a modern, airy boxing gym with dark wood floors and lots of space to move around. It isn’t the type of gym that feels overcrowded and overwhelming. It has a soothing ambience and a minimalist decor that gives you the impression of being at an exclusive gym. There’s a pretty even ratio of male to female members and the vibe is more Gleason’s hard-ass than Equinox posh.

Michael Olajide, co-founder of AEROSPACE and our AEROJUMP instructor, was immediately attentive to our beginner level status and gave us some suggestions for lasting through the hour-long class. Did I mention class lasted for an entire hour? Because it did. For that full hour, the ONLY thing we did was jump rope. There are no breaks but there’s no pressure if...

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