ECA NYC Convention Welcomes Fitness Lovers

Fitness conventions were once created for fitness instructors, buyers and business owners but that's no longer the case. This March, the ECA World Fitness convention invites fitness enthusiasts (in addition to the pros) to come take classes  and explore the expo.

Why go? Because you're a fitness junkie obsessed with trying all the new and hottest, most effective workouts. Because the ECA is where fitness innovations go to become known. Because you want to brush shoulders with the ever-growing fitness and wellness community. Because it's cold outside, you have nothing else going on could use a good sweat to warm up. Shall I go on?

What to expect? 3 days of classes from world famous teachers, choreographers, innovators. Classes vary from 1 hour to 1.5 hours and continuously run from 7:30AM - 5PM.

Best way to do it? To sample the ECA without sacrificing your entire weekend, go for the Day Pass/Dance Package which gives you full access to all classes on Sunday, March...

Classtivity Announces Name Change and a PARTY!

Check it out... Classtivity, a fitness booking service that I've fallen in love with, has just announced a big name change (to CLASS PASS) and they're celebrating the re-naming with a PARTY. If you live in or near NYC, "pass" on by!

Spot: The Ainsworth from 7pm-10:30pm

Goodies: Sweat will not be involved -- but there will be great giveaways, including beauty products, nutritional samples, and of course, all the ClassPass swag you can handle (tank tops, water bottles, stickers, everything)!

Peeps: Expect all kinds of fitness lovers, instructors, bloggers and wellness folks from New York City's fitness scene.


See you there!

Yoga, Music and Hawaii? Flavorpill Wants to Send You to Wanderlust!

Hawaii. Live Music. Yoga. Sounds like a vacation to me! So listen up! Flavorpill (one of my favorite destinations for finding the hottest cultural events around town) is offering an awesome opportunity to go to the Wanderlust O'ahu Hawaii music and yoga festival this February. 

The Wanderlust O'ahu Hawaii Getaway is a 4 day yoga and music festival set on the north shores of O'ahu, the getaway includes 2 tickets to the festival, a 5 night stay at Turtle Bay Resort for 2 (where the festival is based), and $800 towards airfare. Enter HERE to win.

You might remember when I gave you tips on what to wear to the Wanderlust Festival in Vermont last summer? Check out my favorite looks to get inspired for YOUR outfits for Wanderlust O'ahu if you are lucky enough to win this amazing trip from Flavorpill! Also, read about Mizzfit's experience at Wanderlust Colorado last summer. She learned a lot about herself there, so much that she's headed to O'ahu for another...

Thank You, Norma Kamali, and All the Woman Who Empower Me!

This is it! My favorite celebrity interview so far! We’ve got to live our lives by our own calendar and pay the next woman forward with a lot of insight. Gobble up this episode of my  “Women Who Empower” series featuring fashion designer and wellness guru, Norma Kamali.

Women like Norma fill my head and heart with amazing love, courage and ambition. I mean, just look at what she’s created! It’s a mega-brand comprised of fashion, fitness and wellness. And on top of that, she’s nice, introspective and thoughtful!


I’m so lucky and thankful to know and learn from such smart, successful and giving women as I wander down this path called “my life”.  If you make it through the entire video (which I hope you do because Norma makes some powerful points), you will come across this message from me:

It took many years of growing up for me to be able to write this. Mostly, because I’m competitive by nature. I like being the...

What's Wonderful About Wanderlust and Why I'd Go Back Again

The Wanderlust Festival Turned 5 This Summer (2013)

It was finally my time to go. So I headed out to the festival in Copper Mountain, Colorado. Not gonna lie, I was fresh off a breakup, looking to jet far out of town for some air and space. Sometimes you just need to get away. But I wasn't expecting the weekend I ended up having. You can walk through life or you can flow through it. Check out Wanderlust through my lens in case you're thinking about going next year...

So Just A Little Background...

It was the start of July and I was coming off a relationship that had been doomed since February. I was tired and sick...sick of not being happy. I figured a work-trip mixed with a little forced romance would soothe my soul. Doesn't it always? I set off to report on the "fitness fashion happening at Wanderlust" with my press pass and a former ex-boyfriend turned friend (with benefits) in tow. What can I say? He was game.

We arrived to Copper Mountain as star-crossed...


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