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IT TAKES A WEB... wouldn't exist if other fitness-related websites (and the people behind them) hadn't influenced and inspired me. Through the years these sites that have shown me the many faces of fitness and perspectives in health. They've made me laugh and use my legs more. They're the reason I keep falling deeper and obsessively in love with fitness. I would be a selfish girl not to share them with you.

We're halfway through the 1st month of 2013 which means your New Year resolutions are still fresh. Why not keep adding to your list? These websites are great resources for that. They'll inspire you to make healthier and happier improvements in your life. Please let me know what you think of them and if I'm missing any of your favorites. This list is ever-growing. So go ahead and add to it in the comments section at the very end of this post.



(I love all these...

Being Thankful Post-Thanksgiving is Possible! Tips to Maintain Your Grateful Vibe.

I hate to see Thanksgiving pass because it's my favorite holiday.

Thanksgiving week helps me reflect on what I have and don't have in my life. There was a time I only yearned for what I did not have...for a future full of amazing things that would make my life better. I've since learned, the future is now and the only thing that makes my life better is filling it with love. Take a look at the moments for which I'm eternally thankful and my tips for maintaining a grateful vibe post-thanksgiving.

Don't forget!

After viewing my thankful moments, please take a second to tell me about one of yours in the comments section at the way bottom. I'll pick a winner for a very nice winter fitness prize. More than anything, I like to hear your stories of gratitude because YOU (my readers) are my inspiration.

The Moments For Which There Aren't Enough Thank You's

So thankful for: My good friend Megan Hutt who rushed to my side to help me set up for a Thanksgiving-Fitness...

The Marathon That Never Happened in NYC

Mayor Bloomberg caved and canceled the ING NYC Marathon. I won't lie, I was upset. After being evacuated and homeless for over a week because of Hurricane Sandy's hit, the marathon was the 1 thing I looked forward to.

That's me and my boyfriend on the Metro North Train escaping Manhattan to find a warm and safe place to stay.

But sometimes you have to accept the things you cannot change in order to summon the courage to change the things you can. My story begins with the outfit I did not get to wear for the marathon that never happened.

I had planned on dressing colorfully in Lorna Jane running apparel. I tested every piece of apparel during practice runs to make sure I'd be comfortable and temperature appropriate. What you don't see is the Vaseline I had planned on lube-ing my feet with, the Swiftwick Pulse Zero socks that I swear by even though they're pricey, and the ibungee speed laces (30") that I will now never run without. Oddly, I discovered that...

Knocking the Wind Outta the Windy City with Lady Foot Locker in My 1st Pair of High-Tops

Chicago had no idea what hit 'em when I showed up with Lady Foot Locker and Team Fashionably Fit.

Everything was calm and then BAM!

We had the people of Chicago sweatin' in style. It was fantastic! Everyone who showed up to North Riverside Mall for Lady Foot Locker's new store look launch, was in it to win it. And so was my Fashionably Fit Team (a.ka. my posse). Just imagine the A-Team rocking killer sportswear and that's pretty much us.

We put on quite a show, busting out a fitness-fashion panel, a high energy workout, a fashion show (all with yours truly) and even a celebrity appearance by Adrienne Bailon from the show Empire Girls.

It was intense commanding the attention of everyone at the mall, but it was so much fun and rewarding getting all those people to work out and care about wearing functional activewear. We even got Adrienne to work out!

Of course, I made sure everyone got their stretch on.

One of the best parts...


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