Speaking Events

Bianca is available for speaking engagements to share her experience and findings as a Fitness Trend Expert, Women’s Active Lifestyle Coach, Sportswear Stylist and Fitness Entrepreneur. She’s had the honor of being a speaker for Nike, the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, the HOBY Leadership Seminar and her alma mater, Cornell University.

Her topics include the following:

Women’s Empowerment

How to Find Motivation with Fashion

Reinventing the Exercise Wheel

Think Outside the Gym

Finding Your Life’s Passion

Branding Yourself in Fitness

Invite the voice of fitness fashion to your next speaker event.

Fitness Industry Consulting

Fitness companies, from studio franchises to independent sportswear lines, engage MizzFIT Consulting to keep up with relevant trends, increase brand recognition and gain new devotees.

Bianca can help you with the following:

pick inventory for your fitness boutique

consult on apparel design/collection

consult on gym arrangement/layout

consult on gym equipment purchases

product testing

fitness trend research

consumer sampling and feedback

branding your fitness business

When I put together my retail strategy for barre3 company wide, Bianca Jade from MizzFIT gave me the direction I needed. While I love fashion and the idea of retail, I am not an expert and she definitely is. She took the time to get to know my brand and who my core audience is and consulted with my team so we would be successful from day 1. She really has a finger on the pulse of this industry.
Sadie Lincoln, barre3...

Sportswear Styling

Bianca applies her Style Up 2 Shape Up philosophy to sportswear styling for editorial and promotional print work, televised fitness segments and dvd productions. She works with a long list of high performance and luxury sportswear brands to create edgy, functional looks that mirror everyday fashion trends.

Need help with a catalog, lookbook or storefront display?

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