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Bianca is available for freelance writing including review writing, interviews and event-focused reporting. Bianca has been a fitness & health contributor for Fox News, Glam Media and Conde Nast online publications. Browse the writing examples below:

Fashion Week Gets Sporty

Packing Fit: Healthy Tips for Trips

How To Plan a Fit Valentine's Day

Zumba: The Happy Pill of Women's Fitness

Singer Kat Deluna on Keeping Fit

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Ride for Suicide Prevention in Salt Lake City, Utah with The GLMR


Suicide - How It's Affected My Life

I lost my grandfather and my beautiful cousin Paige to suicide...and I can't help but cry right now as I type these words. I wish Paige was alive to guest post here on and talk about how we hiked the Grand Canyon together. I wish my grandfather could see me grown up. But suicide is the final chapter and the last thing I remember about them when I see their pictures.


You Can't Fight Sadness With Sadness

My friend Zach Ludlow suffered the same loss with his dad but decided you can't beat sadness with sadness. Instead he founded an annual benefit ride in Salt Lake City, Utah (Payson to be exact) to raise awareness and funds for mental illness and suicide prevention. "It began as a memorial ride for my dad who was a cyclist and loved the sport," Zach tells me. But Zach was born with healing power. He once taught me that the best way out of sadness is to ask whatever god you believe in for direction. And I...

Newly Opened Bari Studio In NYC Says It Will Pick Its Own Members


A fitness studio called Bari opened up not too long ago in the Tribeca neighborhood of NYC and its quickly setting itself apart from the competition (of which there's a lot lately) by selecting it's own members by invitation only. I'm not sure what to think about this. I mean, I get the concept which is admittedly intriguing, and of course, Manhattan folk love their exclusive venues. But, will a members only barre studio really fly? Will female fitness fanatics go for this? I don't have the answer yet, and I'm wondering what all of you think. My immediate reaction can be summed up in the 2 stories below.


2 Sad Stories

When I was in grade school I had a few girlfriends that I considered my best friends in the universe. They planned a sleepover party one weekend that I wasn't invited to. I'll never forget, I cried myself to sleep that Saturday night while they probably stayed up late playing Ouija Board.

In college I had a group of best...

Zumba: The Happy Pill of Women’s Fitness



I’m a group fitness junkie, but dance-fitness in particular can be a hard sell for me. To be perfectly honest, I’m not very graceful and feel foolish when my footwork is out of sync with everyone else in class. Normally, I choose the no pain, no gain approach and grunt out push-ups in boot camp instead of getting fit through dancing.If I can’t do it right, what’s the point?

This is how I felt until I read an article about U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin and realized I was missing something. When questioned about her exercise regimen in the New York Times, Benjamin answered: “I want exercise to be fun; don’t want it to be work…I want us to get back to doing things because they’re fun.”

My grand epiphany from Benjamin’s insight is that dance isn’t work in the same way other fitness disciplines are, and that you can’t worry about getting all the steps right because the most important thing is to let go...

Experience An Amazing Yoga Workshop @ Equinox NYC 2 Support Breast Cancer Awareness


You can't go wrong with Nadia Zaki & Sarra Morton. They are fitness goddesses to say the least and a 1.5 hour yoga practice with them is quite the treat (their group fitness classes usually don't go over 45-60 minutes). This is your chance to contribute $20 to breast cancer awareness month (through the Susan G. Komen foundation) and get something fabulous in return. And, I hear Zobha will donating limited-edition tanks to everyone who signs up. So exciting! Equinox members and nonmembers are bring friends! To register, call 212.780.9300.


Special Invitation For MizzFIT Readers: FREE Yoga Class At Paragon NYC With Kristin McGee


Here's what you get...

1 hour yoga instruction with Kristin McGee (google her...she's a yoga-pilates superstar)

Discounted shopping at Paragon during event

Free Fila yoga mat (no need to bring your own)

Opportunity to decompress after a long day of work (priceless)

Seriously, how can you say no? It may be a week away but I recommend emailing your RSVP now before it fills up!



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