Pink did it at the Grammy Awards. You can do it at the gym. The Aerial Silk Workout.


Pink's breathtaking aerial silk performance at the 2010 Grammy Awards could be your next new workout. Aerial fitness continues to grow in popularity with group and private classes being offered in gyms throughout the country. I was lucky enough to experience Aerial Silk Conditioning at Hype Gym in NYC. Check out my workout was so much fun!




Aerial Silk Conditioning begins with a brief cardio warm-up, followed by stretching and strengthening with a focus on core and lower abs. Once you're warmed up it's time to get wrapped up in long, colorful silks that hang securely from the cieling. Before your feet even leave the ground, you'll learn how to tie, wrap and grip the silks correctly. You’ll learn how to climb, foot lock, slide, invert, swing and spiral your body into beautiful, athletic moves. Before you know it, you'll be flipping and somersaulting your way up and down the silks.


Wanna attend the world's largest yoga event? Win a trip to NYC for Yoga At the Great Lawn.


I can't promise they'll behave themselves but I can promise it will be a large gathering of my fellow New Yorkers who wish to clear their minds and salute the sun. And oh yeah, there's that fitness component too. It can't hurt to check it out...what if you win?

YOGA AT THE GREAT LAWN - the world's largest yoga event, EVER, hosted by Flavorpill and JetBlue.

If you win, you receive a round trip to NYC, a hotel room at the Standard, VIP access to the event in Central Park and FREE American Apparel clothes. So unfair!! This is the one time I can say I wish I didn't live in NYC so that I could hack into Flavorpill's top secret computers and rig their contest in my favor. Oh well.


How mizzFIT got her groove back with Slinky Dance from Christina Belly Dance NYC


It's kind of weird talking about myself in the 3rd person, but yes, I lost my groove or perhaps I just misplaced it. Either way, I got it back with a phenomenal belly dance workout called Slinky Dance. The term slinky accurately describes belly dance movement and it's also the nickname that was given to Slinky Dance founder, Christine Busini, while starring in the Broadway show Sugar Babies with Mickey Rooney. The nickname stuck throughout her dance career, inspiring her to create the Christina Belly Dance School to raise women's self-esteem, internally and physically. Her dance-fitness workout integrates abdominal and cardiovascular exercise with sensual choreography to summon the provocative temptress you've buried within. The 90 minute curve defining class will re-connect you to your femininity and sensuality.

Then again, you may think you're doing alright in this department because you recently made a purchase at Victoria's Secret OR you reincarnated Kim...

April showers bring out NYC runners...and skirts!

New Yorkers, it's time to get out of hibernation mode and back in the game. Sign up for these fun run events happening in April.


10K Scotland Run

In Central Park on Saturday, April 3rd at 10:00 a.m.

Run to the sound of bagpipes and next to men in skirts!

A celebratory race that's not to miss. Don't take this one too seriously--have fun with it!


10 Weeks to 10K

A beginner running program for women from April 8th to June 12th in Central Park.

Train for the New York Mini 10K Race with Coach Mindy from The Running Center.

Set a personal goal, get fit for summer and meet other women who like to run.


4 Mile NYRR & JPMorgan Chase Run

In Central Park on Sunday, April 11 at 9:00 a.m.

Annual race to raise awareness and funds for lung cancer research.

A short race...a good're set!


Photo credit: New York Road Runner's Scotland Run 2007 Photo Gallery


Don't miss these yoga events in NYC and Miami


Spring is coming. Get whipped into shape and alignment with a new, more challenging level of yoga practice. Plus, I'm crushing on the instructors big time! Check them out below.

Inversion Immersion! with Jessica Stickler

Refine your alignment and take your inversions to the next level (because it sucks being the only one in class who can't do a headstand).

Sunday, March 14th  6 - 8.30PM

Jivamukti Yoga School - 841 Broadway, 2nd floor NYC

$35 Advanced Registration, $40 Same Day

Jessica Sage Yoga


I.AM.YOU. Yoga Retreat in Miami with Lauren Imparato

Deconstruct to Reconstruct (in the the music...)

Friday - Sunday, March 19-21

The Standard Hotel on South Beach

Contact for individual class times & weekend rates.

The Standard is sold out but Miami has lots of hotels and you can always couch surf with friends. Florida locals welcome!

I.AM.YOU. Studio


Runners Always Show Up, Especially for Haiti

Runners are insane motivators. That's why 9,423 runners and walkers crossed the Run for Haiti finish line last weekend in NYC, raising over $400,000 for the city's Haiti Relief Fund. It was cold, the sun was out and everyone was psyched to run. On race day, NYRR president and CEO Mary Wittenberg announced:

People said we were crazy to try to put this race together so quickly, and we said, ‘You don’t know runners.’ With our partners at Parks, we found an open date, and we all worked together to make it happen. (source)

Run for Haiti isn't over yet! You have until Feb 24th (tomorrow!) to sign-up and race in your hometown -- CLICK THIS LINK TO GET INVOLVED -- it's only 4 miles and I know you can do it!

A few of my pics from the race:

If you're organizing a fitness event to help Haiti, reach out and I'll help spread the word.



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