Amazing Fitness-y Valentines Day Gifts That Someone Needs to Buy You + A GIVEAWAY!


(Ok, ladies, this is half for you, half for the guys...or the women that love you or honestly whoever is willing to spend the dough)


energize her love for you?

show her how much you respect all the hard work she puts into looking so hot for you?

These fitness trends make great gifts. Bestow them upon your beloved or tell your beloved to break out the plastic and buy them for you. Either way, everyone wins. Don't forget, the best gifts always come in 3's!















Don't got a valentine? Join my club...but that's OK because "plastic" knows how to love too--meaning, splurge on yourself a little! It's so much better than...

I'm Throwing a Twitter Party. Exercise Your Fingers and Tweet-In with Hashtag #Results2012


Did you make New Year's Resolutions to be healthy in 2012? To get fit, look hot and eat well? Well, join the club! Now it's time to make good on those resolutions beyond January which--shocker--has already passed. All it takes is 1 hashtag (#results2012) and some finger exercise to make it happen.

Join us Tuesday, February 7th from 9.30-11PM EST ----> because tweeting totally burns calories (kind of).

Your Official Invitation With Cool "YOU'VE GOT MAIL" Effects

Or just take a looksy here:

See you there and don't forget to use the HASHTAG: #RESULTS2012

MizzFIT Teams Up with JackRabbit NYC - See the Windows and Join the Resolve Campaign!

Guess what?! The JackRabbit Sports store in downtown NYC (on 14th street) let me turn their storefront window into a stylish Winter Runderland. The big news is that I've teamed up with JackRabbit Sports to bring you their best Resolve Campaign ever for 2012!

It all started on Dec 8th when I took over JackRabbit's windows and went crazy with all kinds of snow supplies. It was all in the name of outdoor running, which shouldn't become obsolete when the temperature drops.

You can still run outside comfortably if you're suited and geared up based on 2 things: 1) warmth and 2) functional style. Take inspiration from the 2 bunnyquins I styled. Everything they're wearing is made for cold-weather running and it's all very stylish. Like these limited edition New Balance run shoes which are unisex-ually amazing. Don't be scared...just let them hug your feet with their feather-light love.

Every piece is tailored for movement and built with insulation as well as...

Rob Kardashian Steals the Show at Ideology Activewear Launch Party

I went to a fun party last night thrown by FactoryPR for a new activewear collection called Ideology, exclusively sold at Macy's. I was there to see the collection but instead, I spent the whole night examining Rob Kardashian's butt from a safe distance. His tush has got it goin' on! So if you ever questioned Kim K's backside, the answer is: that butt runs in the family--it's as REAL as they come. Cheryl Burke (from Dancing With The Stars) was the host of the party and she's also the face/body of Ideology.

Now back to Rob Kardashian's butt...or his talents, I mean. I had no idea but apparently he's a DJ...and he was actually DJing the Ideology party. I must say, Rob is a lot cuter in person than on tv. He should show off his glutes more on the show! Dying to know how he works them out. Squats maybe? Kim and Courtney should take him to Barry's Bootcamp in NYC next time they go (they usually take Keoni Hudoba's class).

The Ideology party took place at the new Dream...


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