Glamming It Up for Nelly's Black & White Ball

This lucky girl was invited to attend rapper Nelly's annual Black & White Ball on December 21st in my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. Gotta say, I was really excited. I've always loved Nelly's music but I was truly thrilled at the idea of going to a glam event that would surely bring good vibes to a recently damaged city and it's people following the events of Ferguson. I've touched on the topic a little HERE. I needed a dress and I had no time to shop for one! A stylist-blogger friend of mine by the name of NYCPretty (who knows more about fashion than any person I know) mentioned Rent The Runway to me. I'd heard of it but the idea of renting a dress was really foreign to me. Then again, the idea of spending hours--maybe even days--shopping for the perfect dress was something I just couldn't do ESPECIALLY during the height of Christmas-time shopping. Nope. So I headed to Rent The Runway's NYC Flatiron boutique after booking an appointment for a personal stylist session and...

Fit 'n Fancy Holiday Gifts + GIVEAWAY!

Are you last minute holiday shopping? Here's my go-to gift list if you're looking to win the best gifter award. The first 6 are larger presents that require wrapping, the last 6 are stocking stuffers that pack a big bite for being so small. I'm giving away 3 of the stocking stuffers so make sure to enter the GIVEAWAY at the end. Harley Pasternak's Power Blender + 5 Pounds Book - A gift for him or her (blender $250 / book $19) Harley Pasternak is Hollywood's exercises & nutrition guru who has become a huge celebrity himself. His blender and latest book came out of his own need to slim down for TV and press appearances. The blender and book duo make a nice gift for someone on a mission to lose weight in the healthiest way in 2015. What I love about this blender is that it's pretty close to a Vitamix for half the price. It blends, crushes, emulsifies, chops, purées, liquifies whole fruits and veggies, ice, frozen fruit & nuts. It also prepares hot foods,...


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