The Great Bianca Jade Quarterly Box

THE GREAT Bianca Jade Quarterly Box

I tend to talk a lot. So I decided to change things up a bit and SHOW YOU how I use all the fitness trends that I decide to put in my Quarterly Boxes. I was born, afterall, in the "Show Me State" of Missouri. If you think I'm kidding, I'm not. That really is the state slogan.

The video I made features my 90/10 themed box, which shipped out Spring 2015. This box was about seeing you at your strongest, most dedicated and disciplined form for 90% of the time. The remaining 10%, you could take it easy and treat yourself. I like to reward myself for all the time and energy I’ve committed, and you should too!

Hence the gluten-free pretzels dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkles. I had to put these in the box because I'm the kind of girl who likes to know what’s for dessert so I can work out hard enough to earn it.

Also in the box was a 45 day voucher and workout plan from CrunchLive to sculpt your soft spots and raise your adrenaline. These classes are pure fun. I've tried a lot of online fitness class memberships and think this one's the best at simulating a real fitness class...which keeps me from pausing it when my phone rings.

I decided to add a throwback to ankle weights. I see the most posh studios in NYC bringing them back for all kinds of fancy leg and thigh work. I use mine to target the saddlebag area. At 2-pounds each, they’ll definitely make your leg lifts and booty work harder, producing the “harder” results we all want to see. Use them to take your CrunchLive classes to the next level.

I was so excited about these ankle weights, I asked Butt 'n Booty to design a custom button for you pin to your gym bag. Just thought it would make you smile and keep you in your 90% zone. Don’t be shy! Take a gym selfie!

The Clean Energy Patch is one of my latest discoveries and it's NOT a placebo effect. It really works to give you a rush of non-jittery energy and alertness.

I’ve been using them on my training runs and even applied one to my ankle for the half marathon I rocked in April with one of my best times ever :)  The rest is pretty self-explanatory as you can see from watching the video. Even though this box came out in April, we still have a few left here. Grab one if you missed it or gift it to a fitness nut you love.

Score the 90/10 Box RIGHT HERE!

The next box called Earn it. Burn it. Flaunt it. ships out next week...and you have a few days to get it before we close sign-ups.

Earn it. Burn it. Flaunt it. with my newest Quarterly Box #MIZ08!

I've been posting spoilers on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest but I'm not allowed to outright tell you everything that's inside. The idea of Quarterly Boxes are to receive a surprise package of wonderful things from your favorite curator in the mail.

The question is: DO YOU TRUST ME? If you do, it's time to SIGN UP!


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