MizzFIT Shows Kathie Lee & Hoda How To Style Up To Shape Up for Spring (+ Giveaway)



It's been over a week since my debut on the Today Show and I still need someone to pinch me. What an incredible experience--from the minute we entered wardrobe leading up to the live segment! I even got my hair did and make-up done by the Today Show beauty team. Okay, I know my face looks shiny in the vid but I think that's the work of my 3-day Elixir Juice Cleanse which I'll write about soon. Going into NBC Studios, I knew the fitness fashion was going to rock but seeing it all come together behind the scenes with guest Kim Cattrall fawning over my models, was a major high point for me. That's why I'm going to re-live it by telling you more about each of the 4 looks including the outfit I wore. Be sure to enter the BEST GIVEAWAY IN MIZZFIT HISTORY at the end of this post.



I'm seeing an EDGY trend and a FLIRTY trend happening in all kinds...

Is Your Fitness Wardrobe Too Embarrassing For The Gym? Time For A Makeover!



Meet Shana. She's a New York City based publicist who's ALWAYS on the move. Her days are packed with client meetings, media events, launch parties, and cabs from downtown to midtown and back. Shana's a busy, career-loving kind of girl, but she's looking to make more time for the gym and would like to feel confident kick-starting a new routine. That's where I come in! In this video I give Shana an emergency fitness fashion makeover that has her feeling confident and excited for gym time.

I love both looks on Shana but the outfit with the silver jacket and matching hair tie from Gap Body is my personal favorite. Shana ultimately decided to go with the NYC inspired look which she felt most comfortable in--smart girl! Comfort is key. Shana looked great during our Tonique workout from start to finish. If you have questions about the fitness couture featured in this video, just give me a shout.

Don't forget to check out Tonique Fitness. Sylwia's killer...

Wanna attend the world's largest yoga event? Win a trip to NYC for Yoga At the Great Lawn.


I can't promise they'll behave themselves but I can promise it will be a large gathering of my fellow New Yorkers who wish to clear their minds and salute the sun. And oh yeah, there's that fitness component too. It can't hurt to check it out...what if you win?

YOGA AT THE GREAT LAWN - the world's largest yoga event, EVER, hosted by Flavorpill and JetBlue.

If you win, you receive a round trip to NYC, a hotel room at the Standard, VIP access to the event in Central Park and FREE American Apparel clothes. So unfair!! This is the one time I can say I wish I didn't live in NYC so that I could hack into Flavorpill's top secret computers and rig their contest in my favor. Oh well.


Become a Spiritual Gangster. Enter Giveaway!




I've got MAD LOVE for Spiritual Gangster. Wanna know why?

Because their clever burnout tops and Magic Carpet yoga towel give me that extra edge in yoga class. I've yet to master a perfect hand stand but at least I'm styling when I topple over and kick my neighbor in the head. If you've earned your yoga stripes, then it's time for you to wear them Gangster-style.

What does it take to be a Spiritual Gangster?

Dedication and hard work (on the mat)

The ability to look inward, outward and then quiet your mind

An appreciation for comfort and effortless style

A Spiritual Gangster (as defined by me) is someone who's urban and into the whole mind-body thing but doesn't take themself too seriously. You've got a cool yogi vibe but haven't traded in your candles for patchouli incense.

Why is Spiritual Gangster-ism so awesome? Here's my run down.

Spiritual Gangster is a new, refreshing line of yoga apparel and...

The Urban Skinny Giveaway


I'm not big on diet books and I generally believe that if you exercise consistently and mix up your routine, you're entitled to eat whatever you want. But I realize that's tough when you live in a city like New York and you're surrounded by all kinds of amazing food. You could probably exercise your heart out and still split your pants from eating out every night. The most tasty food in the world is at your fingertips and that can make grocery shopping and cooking tedious. It doesn't help that city folk spend most of their time in work and social settings leaving limited time for at home food preparation. There's always an appetizer, a cocktail or late night falafel that isn't planned but just ends up happening. In my case, it's a few chai lattes too many througout the day. Starbucks is on every freakin' corner!

So when I heard about a chic nutritional roadmap for city dwellers called Urban Skinny: Live The Fabulous Life - And Still Zip Up Your Favorite Jeans, I...

Giveaway: Win This Nike Dri-FIT T-Shirt


Win this women's size small Nike Dri-Fit Cotton Tee ($25) by leaving a comment below with your favorite mizzFIT blog post. FYI, it's a big size small and could easily fit a size medium. Size larges, I have not forgotten about you! As Miyagi would say, "patience, daniel son". This giveaway starts 4/12 and ends 4/19. I'll put everyone's name in a magic hat and pick a winner (blindfolded, of course). Thanks for playin'.

Photo courtesy of the Nike store website.



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