My apologies for going radio silent


My grandma recently passed away. She played a huge role in shaping my life and I needed some time to mourn and recover. That's her above, moments after getting a surprise kiss from Shorty. To all my readers: thank you for being patient and understanding why it's been so quiet on

My grandma loved to swim so expect to see lots on aqua fitness and fashion in the coming months. Please submit any classes or gear you'd like reviewed. Send tips or post comments. I'm back at it and I want to hear from you!


Happy Valentine's Day! reports:

"Physical" was No. 1 on Billboard's Hot 100 pop chart for 10 weeks back in 1981 - along with several more weeks in high-ranking positions - and, as such, it ranks as the sexiest song of all time on a new list Billboard has released just in time for Valentine's Day. (source)

Check out the rest of Billboard's 50 Sexiest Songs of All Time and put them on your workout mix!

This Valentine's Day remember to love yourself in addition to your valentine. It all starts with YOU. So...let me hear your body talk!




John Codling is running the race of his life, dropping 100 pounds and raising 1 million dollars for Team Continuum—an organization dedicated to the immediate care of cancer victims.

Why is he doing it? He’s determined to live a healthier and longer life so that he can be around to watch his son grow up. 1 million dollars is a huge undertaking and John is already a quarter of the way there. Help him reach his goal and donate now. You can sponsor him by pound or make a one time donation. Your donation helps cancer patients get access to treatment.

Read about how John Codling got too fat:

Donate here:

Beer or Hatha on July 4th?

How are you celebrating the 4th? The Lululemon store in Union Square invites you to a complimentary, hour-long hatha yoga class in the store’s Sunshine Studio with Netri LaLumia, co-director of Yoga Yoga.  Hatha is a form of yoga that promotes alignment, strength and flexibility. And you can always drink yourself silly afterwards! Time: 9am - 10am (Please arrive 10 minutes early).


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