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Want to see what's going on behind the scenes at Mizzfit? Well, then come follow me on Instagram and double tap away! My handle is @Mizzfit_Bianca Instagram has become a window into my life. I will always share my fit journey with you here, but you can get a constant update on what I'm doing day to day by looking at my pics on Insta. That's how I keep tabs on you too! If you want me to see one of your 'grams, be sure to tag me with my handle @Mizzfit_Bianca or use hashtag #mizzfit. I love checking out your fitness & fashion pics. Especially the outfits you wear to Style Up 2 Shape Up! See you on Instagram!

A "Winning" Chocolate Protein Smoothie Recipe

Katia Lin, winner of my Rainbow Light Protein Energizer Giveaway, just wrote in to share her latest smoothie recipe. Check it out!

Hi Mizzfit

Just finished my workout and off to class with my chocolate-PB-and-nana shake!

The recipe is:
1 cup of skim milk
1 scoop of Rainbow Light chocolate protein energizer
1 frozen banana
1 Tbsp peanut butter

I'm addicted to peanut butter and what's better than having my peanut butter AND some chocolate? The answer is nothing. The Rainbow Light Protein Energizer is great because it has all the chocolatey loveliness without any added sugars. I'm feeling energized and ready to take on the school day. Thanks!  --Katia Lin

Delish! I'd make the same recipe except with Almond Milk! I'm excited to share that Rainbow Light's Protein Energizer will be included in my next Style Up 2 Shape Up box with Quarterly Co.! If you haven't already signed up, jump on board RIGHT HERE! Wanna know more about my Style Up...

New Website! New Fitness Trends to Fawn Over! Got A Makeover! Didja notice? I hope so because I'm quite liking my new web design, branding and inter-"face". Through the years (5!), I've grown up and so has It was time to expose our tree rings with an upgrade. I still can't believe I designed the old site all by myself because this new site was the result of many minds coming together. I'm so grateful for all the help from my team and from YOU--my readers! It was a blast getting to see many of your faces at my Big Relaunch Party in NYC (click for pics). Such a fun night! I was naughty and had a few drinks. "When in Relaunch..."

Mizz is Back to Biz! Now that the new site is up and running, it's back to business as usual...and lots of working out, of course. I'm excited to tell you about 2 activewear pieces that gave my fitness wardrobe a functional makeover. They're perfect for lunging you into the New Year (right through the doors of your gym). Everyone needs a little push on Jan 1st and...

MizzFIT + adidas = Dream Come True with a Padded Sports Bra on Top!

I'm still processing this but I can't keep it a secret any longer.

I've joined forces with adidas!!!!!!! Can you tell there's an implied shriek in this bit of news? I'll be doing all kinds of cool things for them, like getting my butt kicked at the official adidas headquarters gym and reporting on their upcoming sportswear innovations for women. Imagine me jumping up and down because that's what I did all the way to Portland, Oregon (where the pic below was taken).

The funniest thing to me about this picture is that I'm wearing heels! But seriously, I have 1 colossal shoe to fill!

On top of all the excitement of traveling to Portland and meeting everyone at adidas from the designers to engineers, I fell in love with a padded sports bra. It's called the Supernova Racer Bra.

It has just the right amount of padding to smooth perky nipples over (am I the only one this happens to?) and is designed to prevent uni-boob from happening ('cause who wants that?)....

MizzFIT on Instagram! I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours...

Instagram much? Let's connect there!

Follow me at @MizzFIT_Bianca 'cause I'm curious by nature and want to see what kind of pics you take.

Hopefully a lot of them involve sweat, fitness fashion and healthy eating. Mine do (hint hint). I guess that's obvious. But I like to get silly too...and show you what makes me laugh and smile. I'm new to Instagram and really starting to become obsessed. Is this normal?

FOLLOW ME so that I can see how hard you work and what you wear to find your zone. Show me what inspires YOU!

And just for fun, what's your FAVORITE FILTER?

Tell in me in the comments section below. I've had many conversations about this and can't decide whether mine is Early Bird or Lo-Fi.  I happen to think that people REALLY overuse Toaster! What do you think?

See you on Instagram, my friends!


My Debut on Hollywood Life TV w/ Chloe Melas


I sat down with Chloe Melas of (who BTW has one of the coolest jobs in online entertainment) to talk about celebrity fitness favorites and how YOU can easily spruce up your workout wardrobe for the gym. All it takes is a little fashion motivation, my friends. My stylish bandwagon awaits you. Take a looksy and a listen to my tips shared with celebrity interviewer Chloe Melas. Just click the video box or link over HERE.

And PLEASE leave comments. I love hearing from you. Your comments make my day and always inspire me (maybe not the spammy ones or the haters but you get what I'm saying). I'm going to choose 1 random winner from the comments section to win something brand spanking new and fabulous from my fitness closet (to be picked on Nov 9th, 2011). I'm excited to read what you all have to say!

Big thanks to Hollywood Life for inviting me to talk shop with them! And to Miss Chloe: I'll see you soon for your Style Up 2 Shape Up session...


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