New Website! New Fitness Trends to Fawn Over! Got A Makeover! Didja notice? I hope so because I'm quite liking my new web design, branding and inter-"face". Through the years (5!), I've grown up and so has It was time to expose our tree rings with an upgrade. I still can't believe I designed the old site all by myself because this new site was the result of many minds coming together. I'm so grateful for all the help from my team and from YOU--my readers! It was a blast getting to see many of your faces at my Big Relaunch Party in NYC (click for pics). Such a fun night! I was naughty and had a few drinks. "When in Relaunch..."

Mizz is Back to Biz! Now that the new site is up and running, it's back to business as usual...and lots of working out, of course. I'm excited to tell you about 2 activewear pieces that gave my fitness wardrobe a functional makeover. They're perfect for lunging you into the New Year (right through the doors of your gym). Everyone needs a little push on Jan 1st and there's no better way to show up for your very first workout of the New Year than in style!

Meet the Heart Butt Legging. It's all in the name and the rear view. These pants WILL make your butt look lovely and THERE'S NO SHAME IN IT! If you haven't heard of Nina.B.Roze before, consider yourself informed right now. It's a sleek fitness apparel brand designed by Nina BerenBoym whose talents can best be described as "cheeky". Her pieces are sexy and stare-inducing. I love the Heart Butt Legging because it turns my sweaty (potentially gross) bum into a warm greeting. The carefully stiched heart shaped seams aren't as immediately obvious in person as they seem in the pic below, so the effect is conveniently sublimal. I definitely feel like this legging makes my butt look perky and rounder. I love the tough spandex fabric, which lends itself to low and high impact activity. It washes well too--never losing it's shine or shape. The mesh ventilation at the bottom of these leggings looks cool and keeps you dry whether you're dripping sweat from holding a long yoga pose or fighting your way through an intense kickboxing class. If you wanna Heart Butt, use MYHBL20 at checkout for 20% off the $99 price.

Glam Socks Are The New Thing. I’ve always thought that the style of socks you wear and the way you wear them says a whole lot about you.  So you can imagine I was pretty psyched when BodyRock Sport informed me about their new active sockwear line called Rock ‘em Sock ‘em. I’m an anklet kind of girl so these are my kind of socks! The designs are edgy to feminine, drawing from the patterns and prints seen in BodyRock’s most recent sportswear collection. Now you can match or creatively MISMATCH your socks to the BRS pieces you already own.

Since I prefer for my socks to be barely visible, these were a dream. But they’re amazingness was far from hidden as you can see. I love how the floral pair pop against my sneaks. The best part is that they’re thin and made with moisture-wicking, because as you know, I have a tendency to get into some pretty sweaty workouts!

Comfortable? You better believe it! Buy 'em for $18/pair or get 2 of any socks for $30.

So that's my report. Did I catch your eye? What's trending in YOUR closet right now? Give us a peek by leaving a comment!


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