Can't See the Silver Lining? How to Conquer Disappointment.

- This is a guest post by Pam Wilson -


I am a glass-half-filled kind of girl.

No matter the situation I can find the silver lining. It’s not that I spin the facts-I just prefer to emphasize the positive if I can. Recently I had a crushing disappointment that I wasn’t expecting. It wasn’t a health crisis and everyone was okay. I say that because if it was a health crisis or something was seriously wrong I would have handled it differently.

Here's what got me down.

I had written a piece for a locally produced show and had made it through the initial round of cuts. I then had to audition the piece in front of the four women producing the show. When I first found out about the show, I was wary. I had a history with two of the women and I wondered how impartial they could be. However, as time went on, I got excited about the project and was looking forward to my callback for the audition.

My sister, nephew, daughter and friend Jenny helped me...

A Tale of Two Fitness Interns. What It's Like Working for MizzFIT, Sweat and All.

Wondering what a fitness internship is all about? MizzFIT Interns, Katia & Caroline, spill the sweaty beans!

Hi! We’re Katia and Caroline, but have also come to be known as “The Interns.” This winter, we were fortunate enough to be matched with Bianca Jade for a winter externship, a program of very short internships created by Cornell University’s Office of Career Resources. The goal of the program is to give current undergrads opportunities to explore different career fields and network with the university’s huge alumni population. Our time with Bianca at MizzFIT was particularly extraordinary because we’re both huge fitness, health, and fashion lovers! So what better way for us to spend a cold winter break than researching and collaborating with Bianca in a trendy startup office building where originality and entrepreneurism shoot off the walls! Want a peak into the glamorous lives of The Interns? Then keep on reading!

It was two days after New Year’s...

Lindsey Vonn Talks Fitness Fashion and Running. But Will Her Romance with Tiger Woods Last?

I interviewed Olympic Ski Racer Lindsey Vonn who couldn't have been sweeter or more sporty chic in person. (Yes, that's me--the short one--with her in the pic above.)  She may be the apple of Tiger Wood's eye right now but based upon what she told me, she's in love with fitness fashion. Check out my interview with Lindsey Vonn and weigh in on whether you think her relationship with Tiger will make him a changed man. 

*** Lindsey Vonn Talks Fitness Fashion ***

ME: Lindsey, when you're getting ready to train or hit the gym, how do you put your fit look together?

Lindsey Vonn: I'm really obsessed with color coordinating everything. So head to toe, it has to match with my bag...with my shoes...with everything. I love Under Armour's tank tops because they allow you to double up. I love neon colors. 

ME: What do you feel the most comfortable wearing for your hardest workouts?

Lindsey Vonn: I generally wear short shorts to the gym because I feel...

Want Your Man to Be Healthier and Fitter? Don't We All. Avoid a Fight. Check Out These Tips!

Want your man to join you on your fit journey?

If you're nodding your head yes, I feel for you. Men can be so stubborn especially if you've got a head start on a game they don't necessarily want to play. Trainer and fitness model Noelle McKenzie from has excellent tips to share to get your man ready for a fit New Year in 2013. She should know, as she shares a fitness business with her man who is in killer shape. My man also happens to be very fit...but he kind of went on a fitness hiatus. See what it took to get him back on track. It's no easy task. But as you know, men always need a little push!

Fit Pro Noelle McKenzie can help!

She is 1/2 of the training/modeling/blogging duo called Fitness A Way Of Life. She recently wrote the following article: 5 Ways To Butter Up Your Spouse To Healthy. But girlfriend doesn't stop there, she's sharing 5 more approaches with MizzFIT readers. Because to get the job done, you must have lots of tricks up your...

Tone It Up Girls Care More About Being Normal Than Being On TV; Will Always Have Their Blog.

Normal or Not?

Before I met them, I'd never guess that Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up would be anything close to normal. For crying out loud (as my Grandma would say), they're beach babes! They probably walk down the street with an entourage of hecklers and panty-shot prone photographers. Could these girls, featured in countless magazines and known online globally as the Tone It Up Girls, really be normal?

That's what I wanted to find out because word on the fitness scene was that Bravo had been scouting them for a show. Luckily, I got to meet and hang with Karena and Katrina over the summer and find out more about their journey, including how they found each other and where they're going next. I interviewed them on the red carpet at Pedal On The Pier in Santa Monica...

...and then spent a weekend with them as part of Oakley Women's Perform Beautifully experience in Napa Valley, California.

Being in the fitness world (which can be as caddy and...

Cherie Lily is Dripping Wet on Celebrity Sweat!


Cherie Lily is one of my favorite fitness women in the biz because she's both a sweetheart and flamboyant singing sensation. Everything about her is interesting, captivating and hip. She's a trend starter and fitness entertainer, which in my opinion is a beautiful rarity! I guess that's why she gets a lot of play here on

But let's get to the point of my post here...

Cherie Lily is simultaneously blowing up and dripping wet. I'm not kidding. And to see it, you've got to read about it here on Celebrity Sweat! Cherie recently dropped her new music video (which features some of NYC's hottest fitness bodies) and the link is in the interview. Just don't watch it at work, OK? There's no nudity (do bare butts count?) but you just might get a little excited. Don't say I didn't warn you!


How racy & amazing is she??!!

Don't forget to comment below! Tell me what you...


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